September 12, 2012

UK EXCLUSIVE: Christian Louboutin’s Autumn Winter 2012 amazing campaign…

Oh dear Lord – the moment I got the email I couldn’t wait to post this. I was under strict instruction it couldn’t go up until today, Wednesday – you can imagine how desperate I was. This is the UK exclusive of the new imagery from Christian Louboutin’s Autumn Winter 2012 collection…

The press release tells us that:

“The collection stands illuminated at dusk against some of the most celebrated landscapes in the designer’s native Paris. Sitting eerily with the gargoyles at the top of the Notre Dame over looking the sun setting across the vista. Shooting arcs of water into the fountain at the Place de la Concorde, a monument dedicated to the seas, where the shoes weave themselves in amongst naiads holding fish. Decorating the great bridges of the city such as the Pont Des Arts where the shoes entertain strolling couples with an eccentric street art exhibit.”

Oh my Christ, it’s all so Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey or Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca… eery yet uber chic yet a little quirky and SO Louboutin!

I’m so in love with these images, shot by photographer Peter Lippmann – one of Christian’s favourite artists.

The shoes come to life which is, I’m sure, what Christian aspires to do season after season – what with his fur clad, studded embellished, super high and sexy heels, each with their own little personality.

Here they are people of the UK… Christian Louboutin’s shoe art!

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May 2, 2012

Off to the Design Museum, Mr Louboutin!

When you get an invitation for a Christian Louboutin event, you RSVP. Don’t be fooled lovely readers, I don’t get these invites everyday. Very occasionally. Even more of a reason to say yes yes yes. The invite in question was to view Louboutin’s new exhibition at London’s Design Museum – a 20 year retrospective.

Before I get onto the rather incredible shoes, I have to just say that Shad Thames, the area just by the River Thames where the Museum is based, is my new favourite part of London. Just gorgeous.

Most of London’s fashion elite were in attendance. Designers (my favourite Holly Fulton, Henry Holland, Todd Lynn and Roland Mouret to name a few), journalists, PRs and of course some celebs.

Yes, celebs. There are those moments when I really do think I’m the luckiest person alive. Those moments when I can’t believe what I get up to just by having this blog. Case in point from the night – MEETING DAPHNE GUINNESS, one of my fashion idols, a walking piece of art. I obviously needed a picture with her (see below), and when I gushed about how amazing she looked, she simply said: “Oh I look dreadful tonight”, to which I replied… well you can imagine my reply!

The shoe exhibit was impressive. And big. It was more than just a look at some pretty shoes though, it told the story of Christian Louboutin’s journey from cobbler to probably the most successful (or certainly the best known) shoe brand in the world. Womens and mens are on show, and there is a hologram video of Dita Von Teese (also in attendance) that is mesmerizing (see below).

If you are in town, go and see this exhibition, it really is worth a look – if nothing else than for the Fetish Section and the hologram video. It runs until 9th July. Find out more info here.

***The shoe carousel***

***Above and below – the Fetish collection!***

***Some of Christian’s own drawings (sharpener shavings maybe not original!)***

***Above and below – some of the men’s collection on show***

***Daphne Guinness and me!***

***Dita Von Teese’s hologram video***

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February 12, 2012

Rihanna’s personally signed Louboutin heels at Pre-Grammy’s event…

I personally think Rihanna lost her self a bit in recent months: the overdone red hair, the rather too-provocative-for-her-young-female-fan-base performances etc. However here, at the Roc Nation Pre-Grammy brunch, she looks sensational. Could this be one transformation from the ever-evolving star that is a great move? I think so!

Or could all the smiles be because of her personally signed Christian Louboutin heels?? She’s one lucky lady… he hand signed the sole of one of her shoes with little hearts and a message. JEALOUS!

I have no idea who she’s wearing – I know I know, bad fashion person – I need Red Carpet Fashion Awards’ help – but Rihanna in trousers is, I think, one of my favourite red carpet looks.

If anyone knows who the corset/trouser combo is by, by all means put me in my place!

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December 1, 2011

Christian Louboutin’s advent calander…

OK I’m going to admit it, I’m a bit of a grinch at Christmas. I’m never that taken by the holiday season, I just think it can get all a bit, well, cringe (sorry to offend anyone). But when high end fashion labels produce online advent calenders, it’s a different story isn’t it?

Christian Louboutin has launched his advent calender today on his website. Behind each little door is a pair of fabulous red-soled delights, each as fashionably festive as the other (I presume – you can only open a day at a time, obviously).

The first shoe, I’m thrilled to say, is (your) Highness – a super-high pair of leopard print peep-toes!

Be sure to check back everyday in December for your shoe fix!

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November 25, 2011

Christian Louboutin shows off his new men’s prototype!

If you didn’t know, Christian Louboutin himself went into the BBC building on Wednesday to talk all thing shoes and 20th anniversary celebrations for the BBC Breakfast show. And, as expected, he wore his own designs… in fact brand new, never seen before shoes: a loafer equipped with tassels and studs. Even though this picture doesn’t show off the shoe completely, you get the idea with the studs.

This was taken by Christian himself in the BBC building!

From the Louboutin twitter account!

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November 9, 2011

Beyonce pregnant in her sky high leopard print heels!

This is how to do it Beyonce, this is how to do a stylish pregnancy… keeping your Christian Louboutin heels on for the whole nine months. Here she is last night, anyway, in New York, in her leopard print booties!

You have to remember, lovely reader, that this is the girl who sings AND dances for a full two hour concert, over and over again, night after night. The lady who’s racked up 100s of spectacular performances, each one with a new excellent twist or theme to it, ALL DONE IN SKY HIGH HEELS. She ain’t fussed.

To her, like my other hero Victoria Beckham, heels are just as much part of any outfit as a bag is, or trousers are. Without them, they’d feel wrong. Good girls I say. My hatred for flat shoes extends to pregnancy too. Granted, if you’re wobbly even without a baby-bump, stay clear, but if you’re used to them, and WANT to wear them… then do it! Don’t listen to these critics who say it’s dangerous/bad for you/weird/not right. What do they know? Obviously nothing.

Surely crossing a road in ugly flats is just as dangerous, pregnant or not, in case you get run over?

Bey, you have my high heel blessing love!

***Some more Loubies to drool over***

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October 31, 2011

Louboutin turns 20 with AMAZE Barneys New York windows!

Twenty years later, and the KING of red-soled footwear is still going strong. So strong in fact that Barneys New York is helping to celebrate Christian Louboutin’s twentieth year with some of the most amazing window displays!

Take a look below, and check out the short video too. It’s a little arty, but it shows the detail that went into the windows!


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