March 8, 2013

Blog Off… Fan Bingbing in Louis Vuitton

This woman. THIS WOMAN. Most people in this country have no idea who Fan Bingbing is, but in China she’s one of their leading actresses, and if you had any doubts she was an A lister, you only have to look at her wardrobe to see that she’s on the top of every designer’s wish list.

The night of the Oscars alone, Fan had THREE outfit changes – from Marchesa to Oscar de la Renta and lastly Elie Saab couture. She’s no plain dresser.

And here she is, on Wednesday this week, at the Louis Vuitton Autumn Winter 2013 show in Paris. She’s wearing a Louis Vuitton (obvs!) monochrome chequerboard dress.

Here’s what some of my blogger mates thought of Fan’s Louis look…

I loved this look. I don’t know if it’s because I actually saw it on her in person at the show just a few days ago, but she is really pulled it off. The hair and make up is the perfect compliment, and the bag and gloves are trés chic. The only piece of the puzzle not working for me are the shoes. 
If ever this incredible 60s LV collection was designed for anyone, it was the flawless Fan Bingbing. She literally pops against the street – the shape, the graphic squares, the hair, everything! And the gloves – like ink black dipped hands -are so chic. This is an icon in iconic fashion. Double iconic! I die. 
Although we’ve seen this look a million zillion times already this season, Fan Bingbing manages to bring something new to the table. The ladylike accessories give the dress a retro touch (slightly Dita, no?) and she oozes confidence, she’s not smiling like that for no reason. Super chic.

***And moi…***
I think you can probably tell, lovely reader, from my ample blog posts about Fan that I am, indeed, a MASSIVE fan. This dress actually retails at a whopping £18,000 (I know this because Mummy G wanted it for my wedding), and Fan shows off every single pound of this look. OMGorgeous! 


March 5, 2013

Is this the new ‘It bag’ for next season ladies??

This is, quite possibly, the best bag I’ve seen from ANY of the catwalks shows from this past fashion month. It’s from Stella McCartney’s Autumn Winter 2013 collection. Ladies, PLEASE PLEASE start saving now (I have no idea how much it’ll be yet), I want to see as many of you as possible carrying this bag. I know that defeats the object of such expensive, designer fashion, but oh well. It’s worth it. RIGHT??

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March 1, 2013

VIDEO: Cher talks Gareth Pugh, and Dolly Parton plays!

This video has LITERALLY made my day. Gareth Pugh + Cher + Dolly Parton = AMAZINGNESS!
Gareth Pugh’s Autumn Winter 2013 collection was dark and beautiful, referencing a tribe of women called the Asgarda who live in the Carpathian Mountains. With dramatic, Victorian-esque, sweeping, floor length shapes, funnel collars – a speciality of Pugh’s – and an ethereal scariness, it wasn’t enough to view this collection just from catwalk shots, so thank God for this video. 
Also, erm, I’m slightly blown away by the fact that CHER, ACTUAL CHER, was in the audience, front row no less, and is seen commenting in this video. She’s done a few of the shows in Paris, which is a surprise move from one of my favourite divas of all time, but it’s just such a treat seeing her out and about! 
So, there was Cher sitting front row, and then there was Dolly Parton on the stereo – singing Little Sparrow, a gorgeous song – another of my top five divas. Probably number one actually. 
I mean, REALLY can fashion get ANY better??? Although, why oh why did this not happen in London???? COME ON UK DESIGNERS, GIVE US SOME CHER AND DOLLY!! 
Be prepared for more Cher fashion week coverage, lovely reader!

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February 28, 2013

Gianfranco Ferre… SOOOO ME!

There is seldom a collection that makes me sit up, put down my latte and study every look using the ‘zoom’ function. Yes, I may gush and gasp on this blog and use every adjective under the sun to describe clothes that take my fancy, but to love, no, to achingly adore every look in a collection must mean it’s a good’un. Not saying that I am Anna Wintour or some other kind of authority, but you know, I do like to think I have a good eye for fashion.

And the latest collection – autumn/winter 2013′s offerings – from the design duo Federico Piaggi and Stefano Citron who headline this Italian House is so up my street, SO ME, so amazing, I couldn’t not share it with you all.

Twists, turns, folds, big lapels, obi-style belts. Power stomping, floaty dresses with a particularly hard-girl edge, straight leg trousers with power blouses tucked in – a look I think EVERY girl should try at least once in their lives, and a collection of coats that feature boxy, masculine shapes, some waist-belted fierceness and oversized lapels.

I mean, can it get any better?

Yes, you might confuse this and some past Ferre collections with those of the origami king, Haider Ackermann, but if you ask me, you can NEVER have too much of this kind of fashion.

It is, as ever, SO ME!

I’ll probably be talking exactly like this about Haider’s collection soon too, so be warned!

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February 24, 2013

Am I a peacock, Suzy Menkes???

Am I a peacock? That’s what I’d LOVE to ask Suzy Menkes. I have a Vivienne Westwood Anglomania oversized T-shirt dress with a massive teddy bear printed on the front that I wear over jeans. Inevitably I get ‘papped’ if I chose to wear it over fashion week, however it is part of my ‘normal’ wardrobe. And I have a blog. Does this make me a peacock?

There’s been a backlash to Menkes’ ‘The Circus of Fashion’ piece. She knew what she was doing. She was probably told or asked to write the piece, ticking it off her ‘feature check list’. Just like Liz Jones – though I daren’t compare the two writers – they have to be seen commenting on certain topics. Getting a reaction is great journalism after all. What makes me laugh though is that just like Jones, Menkes is about, oooo, erm, six years too late to this particular party (Jones wrote a feature at the end of last year about how FANTASTIC eBay is, that she couldn’t believe it existed. Laughably late). Sorry love, some of us have been tapping away at our keyboards and sometimes, yes, actually getting paid for it for years. 
It seems as the world changes, as industries, companies, brands, newspapers, heck even Queen Elizabeth II take themselves online, Suzy Menkes is unashamedly sticking to the 1990s. It sounds to me like she’s not on modernisation’s side. It is a bit strange: for someone so engrossed in the fashion industry, who talks to the CEOs of the super brands and designers themselves, surely she has seen and heard and come to realise that turning digital is actually – shock horror – a good thing? 
Obviously not. 
There has been a massive surge in these so called ‘peacocks’, parading outside the shows during fashion week. They are, to be blunt, quite irritating. Sticking Barbie heads to your shoulder pads is NOT fashion. Covering your face with a gimp mask and being led round Somerset House just makes you look like a tit (I kid you not, I saw this last week). Yes, it will get the street paps whipped up into a frenzy, like a school of hungry piranhas, but ask that girl or guy if she/he has a blog and they’ll probably tell you “NO”. Ask them what show tickets they have and they’ll probably tell you “NONE”.
My point is that these people are those who actually don’t have blogs. Suzy is wrong in her judgement on this one. They haven’t been spilling out their thoughts, opinions and expertise online for years. They haven’t earned the right to cover the collections for anyone, be it online or print. These people are nowhere to be seen on the fashion circuit apart from two weeks in the year, posing on the grounds of Somerset House. These people have crawled out from underneath their marabou-fringed rocks to have their 15 seconds of fame in front of the cameras. Maybe they should stop letting the street style photographers in? Maybe it’s their flashing bulb encouragement that keeps the peacocks parading?
To bung all bloggers in the same knock-off Celine tote is totally unfair too. Some of us – me included – are trained journalists. I have an NCTJ diploma, as do other blogger friends. We’ve done our unpaid work experience time at publications and gone on to work at other high profile magazines or newspapers, freelance or full time. It just so happens that the online world exploded massively a few years ago, and like any normal human, you follow the money and try to carve a niche for yourself. Just like Suzy has.
There are blogs now that garner more traffic than readership figures of some print publications. Susie Bubble or The Man Repeller for instance. To snub these sites is just plain short-sightedness. If a brand wants a high profile blogger to write about a new collection, or have them photograph themselves in it, and they ‘gift’ said blogger a couple of pieces as an incentive for the time they have invested and for the effective coverage that is potentially seen by hundreds of thousands of eyeballs, who cares? It’s a lovely, gorgeous, fabulous side effect of writing a blog. And all part of an industry modernising.  Maybe Suzy is just jealous? Jealous that Versace or D&G won’t gift her anything? Who knows. I say leave Ms Bubble and Mrs Man Repeller alone. They are doing their job, and very well too.
I guess what I’m trying to say here is that although Suzy Menkes makes her living from hardcore, old school show report reviews, as well as her other meatier writing, the fashion industry isn’t JUST about this type of journalism anymore. Long gone are the days of FROWs full with editors scribbling their short hand squiggles onto their pads. It’s now a Saturday or two and some bloggers, as well as the editors, on the front, second or third rows, with iPads. Why? Because the label gets coverage from these people! The beauty of a new online era is that anyone can have their own voice without a scary editor breathing down their necks. If these people are trained writers, even better. They are taken seriously. They are invited to shows. They may well  “… start a critical conversation that can spread virally.” Suzy might just have to get over this. 
Lastly, If Suzy has a problem with the way Anna Dello Russo dresses, I suggest a publication pitches this idea to Ms Menkes: dress up as a ‘peacock’ for the day, in head-to-toe coloured feathers, and have a funny, tongue-in-cheek feature written about your experience, with some street style pictures obviously. Then, and only then, might we, the blogosphere, take you ‘seriously’.
Sorry for the rant, lovely readers. 


February 20, 2013

Some Very best highlights from London Fashion Week AW13 continued…

***My Intel Ultrabook film***
Intel asked me if I wanted to use their newest Ultrabook for a day over fashion week, and after seeing how sleek and chic it was, I couldn’t not! I like to call it the Lablet – half laptop half tablet. The screen slides up to reveal a keyboard. Perfect for on-the-go snapping and uploading. Suzi and I zipped round town, with our Ultrabooks in tow, lapping up all the shows and sights. Enjoy the vid, it was lots of fun to shoot it!  

 ***Charlie May’s new collection***
You only have to see Charlie May in her own designs to know that this designer is serious about her aesthetic. Minimalist, androgynous, power dressing. For AW13, Charlie has sighted volcanic landscapes as inspiration, and with it comes floaty silk shirting, sheer panels and structure in greys, reds and whites. And rather amazing bags, in a new collaboration with Danielle Foster. A great achievement me thinks!  

Pics by Anastasia Duck

***Marques’ Almeida’s move on***
They impressed me so much last season, and now this one too. Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida, the masters at frayed, 90s denim, are back with a collection including pony hair pieces and their first foray into evening wear with dresses that stay true to their ‘look’. Their ‘girl’ is cool, very cool. 

***J JS Lee’s chic minimalism***
Such clean lines and dusty, sherbet colours attracted me over to Jackie Lee’s section in the exhibition during London Fashion Week. It only takes one collection to catapult you into the mainstream, and I think this might be it for this St Martin’s graduate. The boxy, minimalist shapes make J JS Lee current, and her play on textures, especially with the shoes, below, mark her as a fun, relevant designer. Tres impressed! 


***Jayne Pierson’s epic hair accessories***
OK, so they may not be to everyone’s taste, but my God do I love them! You kind of forget it’s hair (not sure if it’s real hair or not?), and they just become gorgeous accoutrement. The neck tie is chic, the rings are just plain amazing.

Still more London Fashion Week stuff to come, unless you’re bored??

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January 10, 2013

London Collections: MEN – more fabulousness…

It’s been a pretty packed three days for menswear designers/writers/bloggers/buyers/enthusiasts. London Collections: MEN came to a close yesterday (Wednesday), with another season, autumn winter 2013, wrapped up (excuse the pun). There’s been LOADS I’ve loved, some I’m not that bothered about and a little I’ve loathed, but on the whole, menswear is looking good for next season. Very good. And it’s nice to see the mainstream press picking up on it too – only this morning I saw Lorraine Kelly talking about Sibling’s new knitwear, and I think it was the Guardian that profiled Craig Green’s fence-clad models.

Take a look, and see some Twitter reactions below too!

Probably one of my favourite collections for the new season, Sibling presented us with more incredible knitwear including, erm, the most amazing over over oversized mittens and hats. Their ‘Please Kill Me’ jumper was a highlight, as were the Aztec-y pieces too. And those furry shorts… LOVE! I can see every man walking round town in these gloves next year…

Twitter Said:
Hilary Alexander: Loved Sibling‘s Afghan-meets-apres ski at LCM!especially oversized knits,pink furry shorts and huge turban/cowled beanies

 Lulu Kennedy: That’s how to do a show!! Adored!! @WEARESIBLING FOREVER ♥

Every time I wondered round the exhibition at the Hospital Club, I couldn’t help but stroke this first pony-skin top. It’s just so me! Actually everything from super luxe brand Qasimi is so me: from their slightly boxy shapes, to the zip detailing (love a shoulder zip at the moment), to their fabulous collars. 
Twitter Said:
David Watts: Super-luxe jacquards and pony skin trim on sleek tailoring in dark teal and plum shades from @Qasimi for AW13 Delish!
Suzie Street: .@QASIMI without a doubt one of my favourite collections from #LondonCollections just simply beautiful!

Warren Beckett: Qasimi AW 13 was AWESOME, leather gloves and wide legged trousers with pointy shoes are IN #LCM
I think I’ve found my new favourite label. This is the designer (on the left), and me on the right in an amazing thick, cotton-canvas jacket, with an all over print of a… drain cover! Yes, you heard right. Berthold told me that he spotted the storm drain cover on a bike ride round London. Genius. Zip detail, again, is key to this collection, as is boxy shapes once more and stiff fabrics which give an uber luxury feel to a label that isn’t crazy expensive. For once. I’ll be interviewing Berthold soon, so stay tuned!

 ***Nicholas Kirkwood***
His first foray into menswear, and it’s a bloody good’un! Nicholas wanted to mirror parts of his womenswear collection, hence the studs, metallics and zigzag print. Price points start at £400, and the shoes will start to go in store in June/July. I fashion-fainted when I saw these! 

Twitter Said:
Stylecupidblog: Nicholas Kirkwood men’s shoes – obsessed! #lcm #menswear
Hannah White: loving the metallics from Nicholas Kirkwood collection

More to come from London Collections: MEN including a glimpse at what Shaun Samson sent down his catwalk, so stay tuned! 

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September 21, 2012

Anna Dello Russo wears… yellow Versace!

Ahh what pure blogging bliss, when your two favourite things come together in perfect harmony. It’s what makes writing this blog enjoyable. Anna Dello Russo – my new BFF – wearing Versace out and about for Milan fashion week today. Impeccable.

Doesn’t she look amazing? I know I go on about her a lot (and even more now, after meeting her at London fashion week), but she really is the epitome of individualism, and style personified. Not many other people could get away with this bright yellow cocktail dress.

And if you didn’t know, Versace’s online store is now open, so you can snap up Anna’s dress for a mere £1700 with just one click. Look… (some questionable styling and mannequin choice if you ask me though!)

One more thing, Anna also tweeted this picture of her, posing next to a giant gold shoe from her upcoming H&M accessory collection. I’d LOVE this as a feature in my new flat, could you imagine!!?? 

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July 13, 2012

Moncler Gamme Rouge’s AW12 ice-cold Barbarella…

How in fashion hell did I miss this show? And how have I only just discovered that Giambattista Valli, one of my favourite designers, designs it? Very bad of me, I know, but I have to be honest, Moncler has never really been on my radar – I don’t really do ‘outerwear’. However, Moncler Gamme Rouge – the couture arm of the House – has just got me hooked. Well and truly.

I’m a little speechless. If you know anything about me by now, you’ll know that high glamour, big hair and dramatic fashion are the three things that keep me going of a season, and this collection has all three in bucket loads.
Think an ice-cold Barbarella or Jackie Collins on skis. The huge, back-swept hair is probably my favourite of any ‘do’, the fur trims, the big hoods, the fluffy boots. It’s just… just AMAZING! 
And then there’s THAT print. The mountain cap, picture-postcard print on the ‘star’ coats at the end of the show. Surely one of Valli’s best?
And more big hair and precision eye makeup.
I want to go skiing now. Right now. I want to be a Moncler Gamme Rouge glamour girl atop a mountain. The puffa coat will never be the same again. 
Check out Vogue’s video below…

You can buy Moncler Gamme Rouge on now

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