February 20, 2013

Some Very best highlights from London Fashion Week AW13 continued…

***My Intel Ultrabook film***
Intel asked me if I wanted to use their newest Ultrabook for a day over fashion week, and after seeing how sleek and chic it was, I couldn’t not! I like to call it the Lablet – half laptop half tablet. The screen slides up to reveal a keyboard. Perfect for on-the-go snapping and uploading. Suzi and I zipped round town, with our Ultrabooks in tow, lapping up all the shows and sights. Enjoy the vid, it was lots of fun to shoot it!  

 ***Charlie May’s new collection***
You only have to see Charlie May in her own designs to know that this designer is serious about her aesthetic. Minimalist, androgynous, power dressing. For AW13, Charlie has sighted volcanic landscapes as inspiration, and with it comes floaty silk shirting, sheer panels and structure in greys, reds and whites. And rather amazing bags, in a new collaboration with Danielle Foster. A great achievement me thinks!  

Pics by Anastasia Duck

***Marques’ Almeida’s move on***
They impressed me so much last season, and now this one too. Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida, the masters at frayed, 90s denim, are back with a collection including pony hair pieces and their first foray into evening wear with dresses that stay true to their ‘look’. Their ‘girl’ is cool, very cool. 

***J JS Lee’s chic minimalism***
Such clean lines and dusty, sherbet colours attracted me over to Jackie Lee’s section in the exhibition during London Fashion Week. It only takes one collection to catapult you into the mainstream, and I think this might be it for this St Martin’s graduate. The boxy, minimalist shapes make J JS Lee current, and her play on textures, especially with the shoes, below, mark her as a fun, relevant designer. Tres impressed! 


***Jayne Pierson’s epic hair accessories***
OK, so they may not be to everyone’s taste, but my God do I love them! You kind of forget it’s hair (not sure if it’s real hair or not?), and they just become gorgeous accoutrement. The neck tie is chic, the rings are just plain amazing.

Still more London Fashion Week stuff to come, unless you’re bored??

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February 18, 2013

Some Very best highlights from London Fashion Week AW13…

Yup, it’s that time of year again lovely reader. Stressed out editors, running around with just a single Starbucks to keep them going, stressed out designers, stitching last minute appliqués onto dresses, and stressed out bloggers, all eager to sit FROW, with smoke coming from their over-active fingers on keyboards.

It’s Autumn Winter 2013 time. And so far I’ve seen some great stuff!

Here’s a tiny round up of some of the things so far…

***The Menkes Quiff***
Suzy Menkes, fashion editor for the International Herald Tribune and writer of that feature about bloggers being ‘peacocks’ is in town people. How do you know? Because her quiff arrives five minutes before she does. Here she is, looking stressed, at Moschino Cheap & Chic. It takes a glimpse of a serious fashion editor for me to know that fashion week is full on underway! 

***Best collection of the week, Jean-Pierre Braganza***
He knows how to dress a woman, and for autumn winter, it’s powerful, sexy and sculptural. JPB said of his collection: “I’m obsessed with the idea that numbers and geometry have symbolic and cosmic value, with the female form being the ultimate cosmic being” And his cosmic woman was dressed in geometric star print, power shirts and trousers, cocoon shoulders and one of my favourite shapes – that long tunic over skirt look. Gorgeous. 

***Best dressed man of the week goes to him…***

***Palmer Harding amazingness***
If ever there were designers to tackle how to do good shirting and genius ways to wear one, these boys have won, hands down. Twice over. Detailing is key to the Palmer Harding aesthetic. Cinched waists, cuff link-like embellishments, origami folds on splaying from the seams and asymmetric lengths all make up another outstanding collection from Palmer Harding. 

***Best FROW shot goes to Fashion Foie Gras***
As if L’Wren Scott showing for the first time in London isn’t enough, she has a front row that looks like this… Anna Wintour (in Prada), Mick Jagger and Daphne Guinness. GENIUS! 
More London Fashion Week stuff to come soon! 

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February 11, 2013

Grammy Awards 2013 – The Very Red Carpet Roundup

This time of year is a little too much in terms of award ceremonies. We’ve had lots, and we’ve still got more to come, including the Oscars. And with the BAFTAs and Grammy awards taking place last night, on different sides of the pond, I’m sure a lot of bloggers, picture researchers and online press didn’t know whether they were coming or going!

Take a minute to think about those poor stylists, hair and make up artists and general schleppers who probably lose fingers and limbs whilst stitching something last minute, blowing drying a fringe for the 100th time or stabbing themselves with a pair of tweezers, all to make this lot look… acceptable!

Here’s what I thought…

*So it may not be the most flattering shape, but major kudos goes to Adele who wore her Valentino couture gown with such pride. I love it because it’s not another black Burberry number. And the colour is insanely gorgeous on her! Well done Adele*

*Beyonce wore Osman, a British designer, so already I’m loving it. And I think the off-centre blocking on top is oh-so-chic. She looks amazing. A best dressed for me*
*And whilst I’m talking about one Destiny’s Child, I might as well stay on the theme. Kelly Rowland has NEVER looked so smokin’ hot. She probably has to be quite careful in this Georges Chakra – one false move and EVERYTHING is on show – but she works it so friggin’ well!*

*All those shots of her coming out of Chris Brown’s house looking a little… dishevelled, and then BAM! Rhianna is the only woman in red who stole my heart last night*

*I can hear Nicole Scherzinger from here – “No baby, no!” Why the hell does J Lo try this hard?? She’s SO sexy already, this just looks like a parody of herself. Since Angelina, NO ONE should show off this much leg, and you forgot to attach your wig, love. Also, $6million worth of diamonds does not an outfit make!*

*Kathy Griffin definitely wins best black dress award. Look at that body! Look at those boobs! Here’s how to do an LBD (LONG black dress) kids!*
*And here’s an example of how not to do an LBD. Alicia likes to do statement, but I just don’t get it. Yes, her figure is gorgeous, but the straps and croc-material… all a little too much I think*

*I’d love to know Riccardo’s thinking behind this custom Givenchy gown that Florence is, strangely enough, making look rather amazing. Sea urchin-cum-dinosaur maybe? Either way, this emerald green on her is spectacular*
*Another best dressed for me, Janelle Monae. She does the masculine thing SO well. So very well. This is top-to-toe perfection*
*God doesn’t’ Katy Perry look a zillion times better with black hair opposed to that granny purple rinse? And yes, this dress is very ‘booby’, but the great Gucci cut and embellishment are outstanding*
*I nearly didn’t include this one, personally nothing Nicole does post Antonio Berardi is any good, but I thought I would because I thought husband Keith Urban’s head tilt, sympathetic face did all the talking – ‘I know I know, another disappointing, boring dress. I tried, I really did!’ 
*Ohhh God, I can’t believe I’m typing this, but Taylor    Swift    looked     amazing. 
Phewww, there, I did it. But she does! This J. Mendel gown is gorgeous. And I even love her hair. I just HATE her music*

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January 14, 2013

Golden Globes 2013 red carpet round up – the VERY best and worst…

It’s officially award season ladies and gents. The Golden Globe Awards 2013 last night kick started the rounds of red carpet craziness of the year and, as usual, there were those that shined, and then there was… Rachel Zoe.

Oh dear.

Here’s my little run down from the night. I’ve tried to put them in order of amazingness, with Lucy Liu winning hands down. And remember, this is only my opinion. I expect everyone has had a little praising/bitching session this morning…


***Lucy Liu in Carolina Herrera pre-fall 2013***
THIS is how to work a red carpet. THIS is how to make a statement when people have all but forgotten about you on the carpets. Lucy’s curtain-chic gown is simply stunning. And the hair, the hair is amazing too. WINNER! 

***Nicole Richie in Naeem Khan Spring 2013***
I think this is Nicole’s best red carpet look ever. The powder blue sets off her dark skin perfectly, and the long sleeves and neckline make it even more elegant. Just gorgeous! 

***Katharine McPhee in Theyskens’ Theory Spring 2013***
It’s not because I have an unhealthy obsession with her show Smash, it’s because Katharine bought the sex-glam factor to the red carpet. This is a masterclass at head-to-toe black dress glamour.
***Lea Michele in Elie Saab Spring 2012***
In this dress, Lea makes it look like summer, not the middle of winter. The detailing is outstanding and I love the halter neck shape. A real good gown.
***Julianne Moore in Tom Ford***
She always always always looks so elegant. One of the only monochrome dresses on the Golden Globes red carpet, trust Julianne to make it one of the overall best of the night. 
***Emily Blunt in Michael Kors***
Cut out detailing goes one of two ways: gross and cheap or gorgeous. Emily’s dress is the latter. I like her risk taking here, I love the scraped back hair and I love that bag. 
***Jessica Chastain in Calvin Klein***
And interesting and bold choice, Jessica describes the colour of her dress as ‘sea foam’. And it works so well with her red colouring. Just enough cleavage on show, and a clever use of origami folds make this dress a show stopper.
***Kerry Washington in Miu Miu***
Can she do no wrong at the moment? I don’t think so. What an amazing mix of sheer, nude and embellishment, and how gorgeous is does her hair look? Another red carpet hit for Kerry.
***Rosario Dawson in Antonio Berardi***
‘Haha, I know I know, it’s the best I’ve looked!’ That’s what she’s saying here. And it’s true. I’m a big fan of a peplum on a floor length gown, it gives shape to even the most up-and-down figures. And this blue, this powder blue again. She’s got every right to smile like this.
***Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen***
She’s another funny one for me – sometimes amazing, sometimes not. This, however, is one of her best. A dramatic neck and low cut AND this slinky makes this gown my favourite of the black dresses. Keep it up Kate!
***Helen Mirren in Badgley Mischka***
Another black dress thumbs up. Helen is loving the black/gold mix of late, and I still can’t believe this woman is 67-years-old! 
***Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Saint Laurent Spring 2013***
Always smokin’ hot, RHW flashes some leg in this sultry, vampy black dress. Another halter neck shape, another perfect look.
***Sofia Vergara in Michael Cinco***
Who? I have no idea who the designer is either, but trust Sofia to wear the most amount of sequins on the red carpet and STILL make them look uber glamourous. Her curves look impeccable in this dress. 
***Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior Couture Fall 2012***
A bit of a predictable one, but still I really love the full skirt on this gown, and I love how Jennifer has belted it too, it breaks it up a bit. The best red dress on the red carpet by far.
***Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad***
Here’s the thing, JLo loves a barely-there outfit of late, and not that I have a problem with it, but it’s becoming a bit… samey. Does she have share in Murad or something? Her body looks INSANE here, but just a bit over this kind of dress on her now.

***Claire Danes in Atelier Versace***
Reading Twitter last night, people loved this dress on Claire, but it just left me a bit… meh. It’s nice, and considering she gave birth very recently she looks great, but I can’t get excited about it. Soz love.

***Rachel Weisz in Louis Vuitton***
I would have loved this dress last year, before Stella McCartney did practically a whole collection of sheer and spots, but now I don’t. And considering Vuitton’s amazing Spring collection, Rachel could have done better if you ask me. 

***Amanda Seyfried in custom Givenchy***
This is a gorgeous dress, no two ways about it, but having marvelled at Riccardo Tisci’s new Spring Summer collection, I was disappointed that Amanda wore this creation. It wasn’t wow enough.
***Megan Fox in Dolce and Gabbana***
Don’t hate me for putting Megan all the way down here, it’s just that this dress did nothing for me. Her pout and smouldering looks are way too overpowering for something so pretty. She needs something grittier, like Givenchy! 
***Anne Hathaway in Chanel Couture***
This bores me to tears. Considering Anne hit the headlines in a questionable Givenchy dress and then that Tom Ford ensemble, she’s obviously going understated for the Globes, but this is just plain boring. Non non non.

***Thandie Newton in Giles***
She looks as impressed with this dress as I am. And her slouch speaks volumes too. It’s just not a Golden Globes red carpet dress. It’s a cocktail dress. Thandie, come on, there was SOOO many amazing dresses in that Giles collection. Humph. 
***Sienna Miller in Erdem***
So on the red carpet, Sienna said she had a dress in mind but didn’t like it when she tried it on. I think she should have stuck to it. I don’t like anything about this custom made Erdem. It’s meant to be cutesy, but it doesn’t quite work. Can’t put my finger on why though…
***Nicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen***
It might be fashion blasphemy, but I think this dress looks cheap. The middle ‘thing’ annoys and upsets me, and the detailing at the neck looks weird. Shame, as I LOVED Nicole in that Berardi dress last year! 
***Heidi Klum in Alexandre Vauthier couture***
Is it just me who thinks this white dress is a nightmare? I just think it’s so unflattering on her. I much prefer Heidi’s full Versace wardrobe from the EMAs. Her hair and makeup is gorgeous however, her saving grace.
***Julianne Hough in Monique Lhuillier***
NOOOOOOOOO. What is this?? Is Julianne secretly friendly with a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star?? That’s the ONLY explanation for this disaster. I HATE it. Too white, too big, too embellished. YUK.

***Halle Berry in Atelier Versace***
This is seriously one of the ugliest dresses I’ve seen for a long time. And it’s Versace, so you can imagine how much it pains me to say that. Halle should have known better. She should have stepped away from the ugly rail. She should really fire her stylist now. This is definitely a dress that should stay on the model in a catwalk show. NFRCC – Not For Red Carpet Consumption. 

***And then there was Rachel Zoe***
Words actually fail me.

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November 19, 2012

I’ve Been Bershka-ed!

Last Wednesday night Coco’s Tea Party and myself went down to the new Bershka store opening on London’s Oxford Street to help style customers trying on the new collections. The new concept store, we were told by the manger, ‘has no stock room. We get deliveries all day!’ This is their efforts to keep their fashion as fast as possible, and to keep this new store concept interesting and fun.

Just before the live performance by Little Mix (video below), I Bershka-ed myself up to show one way of styling some of my favourite pieces from the men’s range. We borrowed some of the shop staff later on in the evening to dress them up for a Bershka show down…

Ella from Coco’s Tea Party with her fav Bershka dress, and me in my bits (avec Vivienne Westwood necklace, obvs!)

The shop staff and us. Good sports, I must say!

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September 24, 2012

The Emmy Awards 2012 red carpet ‘Very’ best bits…

Every now and again there is an awards ceremony red carpet that is full with great DOS rather than lots of ugly DONTS. The Emmy awards 2012 was one of those. I have to say, I’m suitably impressed. I think it might be the looming end to fashion week that has the celebrities pulling out their best dresses – actually two of the below looks are direct from the catwalks of fashion week last week.

The Americans know how to do it well. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, our British red carpets are a sorry sorry affair in comparison: full with desperate Big Brother people, the odd page three girl, a TV chef or two and a plethora of blonde presenters that are now all merging into one person.

Thank God for the USA!


My best dressed of the night, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi in a Valentino jumpsuit. Just incredible. The ultimate in lesbian power dressing! 
Fresh off the London fashion week catwalk, Nicole’s Antonio Berardi dress is surely one of her best ever? No off milk look in sight! 

Christina Hendricks’ boobs look like two bald heads escaping this Christian Siriano gown, but I LOVE it nonetheless (can she breathe?)

You gotta love Christine Baranski. A sparkly mini dress at 60 AND it looks great!

It’s nice Claire, but could you have done better? Yes, me thinks.

There’s something amazing and something not so amazing about this Monique Lhuillier gown. I think Ginnifer Goodwin knows it too. I can’t put my finger on it though…

Glenn Close… that’s all.

I know she’s in Heroes (coz I googled her) but I don’t know anything else about Hayden Panettiere, although I know this Marchesa brand new spring summer 2013 Indian inspired frock is perfect.

Heidi Klum looks as bored as I do. Haven’t we seen her in something like this before? It’s stunning, don’t get me wrong, but a tad predictable. Love the hair though. 

Zac Posen knows how to do froth. January Jones is another best dressed for me! 

It’s mermaids all round this year, and Julianne Hough is leading the pack in her mint green Georges Hobeika couture gown. It’s sugary sweet, and looks fab!

And the best strap mark award goes to… Julianna Margulies! No, I shouldn’t joke, for she is wearing one of my all time favourite designers – Giambattista Valli. And this garden frock does actually look gorgeous on her.

Hmmm. I want to love this so badly Julianne Moore, but I just can’t get passed the no-shape thing. On the catwalk, this Dior Couture two-piece looked great, but maybe that’s where it should have stayed. At least now we know you can do yellow though! 

Aww doesn’t Kathy Griffin look divine in Oscar de la Renta? A little safe, but flawless nonetheless.

My God she’s tiny, again! Kelly Osbourne favours Zac Posen for the catwalks, and this is why. Especially when the gown matches the hair. 

Meet warrior woman Lucy Liu. Versace at her disco-ball best! 

 Nancy O’Dell’s (who?) orange-y red gown is interesting… I do love that lightening bolt strap!

It’s heart warming to see Sofia Vergara’s Hollywood smile. What an absolute knock-out in aqua Zuhair Murad. Not many people could pull this off, definitely not on the British red carpets anyway!

And lastly Zooey Deschanel in frothy Reem Acra. It’s playful, young and gorgeous all in one. Good work.

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August 29, 2012

Ooo la la – meet Kim Kardashian on Fashion’s Night Out…

Noooo, sorry lovely readers of the UK, she won’t be appearing on Bond Street, or any other street for that matter I’m afraid. No, New York City is the lucky one – Kim Kardashian will be available for a meet and greet (hmmm, does that ACTUALLY mean you’ll meet her, or wave and scream from afar?) at Lord & Taylor on Fifth Avenue.

Kim says on her blog:

“To celebrate Fashions Night Out next week I will be at Lord &Taylor, meeting fans and sign my True Reflection fragrance bottle! Can’t wait to see you all there! Fashions Night Out is such a fun event that I look forward to each year and I’m excited to be spending it in NYC. Xo

Once again Kim, where the HELL is my invite??

How rude.

Lucky New Yorkers though! 

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January 30, 2012

The Very SAG Awards 2012 red carpet rundown…

The knockouts…

*Sofia Vergara’s sex appeal is nothing short of miraculous,
especially in this custom Marchesa gown. Best dressed nominee!*
*Daring in green, Emily Blunt never seems to fail in
the red carpet fashion race! Oscar de la Renta at his best!*

*I can’t get enough of Meryl. One of the best dressed at the Golden
Globes, she’s done it again in Vivienne Westwood couture! GORGEOUS*

The really good surprises…

*She usually tries a little too hard, our Kelly, but last night
she looked INSANELY amazing in white Badgley Mischka.
Best dressed nominee!*

*Rose Byrne took a big risk in this crystallized Elie Saab jumpsuit,
and it paid off. So well put together, including the hair!*

*Tilda went unusually feminine last night in this Grecian Lanvin
gown, a move away from her favoured androgyny look. And I likey!*

*Jessica Chastain dresses for her hair it seems, and didn’t
she do well in blue Calvin Klein?*

*Ultra glamorous in Reem Acra, Glee’s Jayma Mays
sent the flashbulbs into a frenzy! What a figure!*

The Versace Goddess…

*There had to be at least ONE Versace gown to ogle over…look at that thigh! I don’t find Lea Michele particularly sexy, however this
Atelier Versace gown IS! A good pair I say!*

The plus size beauty queens…

*That’s the way to do it, Octavia, with Tadashi Shoji’s
clever side knot. Looking gorgeous, girl!*

*Melissa McCarthy works her draped Badgley Mischka
gown to perfection, giving plus size women everywhere
a masterclass in glamour-dressing!*

The full skirt amazements…

*Kaley Cuoco’s Romona Keveza is probably the most
romantic frock I’ve seen this award season so far.
What an absolutely gorgeous powder blue! YUM*

*I should have really put Jane Lynch at the top with the
knockouts, but she fit here so well too! This David Meister
gown is what she should wear EVERYWHERE!*

The unsures…

*I love this Jenny Packham dress, don’t get me wrong,
but come on Angie love, it’s too safe for someone who
wore white Atelier Versace last week!*

*It pains me to be negative about Givenchy couture, but I
get the feeling Zoe is trying a little hard to be off-the-wall?*

*Now, Giambattista Valli is one of my favourite designers,
but I think this is a litte lost on Natalie. I prefer her in red*

*Love the Marchesa Viola, but maybe for your wedding?*

*I should love this McQueen, but it’s not right for Emma Stone.
It made me go ‘hmmmm’. Don’t think it’s the right shape for
someone who looks sensational in long gowns*

The ‘that’s too old for you’ ones…

*After her wow laser cut swan dress for the Globes, this
pink thing doesn’t come close. It’s also Giles, but not good for

*There’s something weirdly middle aged about this Valentino
dress. And Michelle Williams is NOT middle aged. Don’t do it
again Mich!*

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May 12, 2011

It’s Lady Gaga, the London fashion nun!

She’s in London, oh yes she is, and don’t we know it! She’s only been here for a very short stint and already she’s changed outfit about… 300 times. And that’s nothing for Gaga! Although this nun inspired look, seen on her today before she performs a secret gig in Mayfair (Annabel club to be exact), is one of her most, erm, strange.

It’s Sister Gaga. To me it’s actually a cross between a massive circular handbag (there’s even a handle) and a flying rodent. Either way, Sister Gaga works it in her really bizarre, weird, fashion-forward way.

And these are the boots… her usual then! And no, I haven’t stretched the image. These are like slippers for Gaga, except when she tumbles in them, obvs!

What do you think of le Gaga’s look? Are we loving this look or hating it? Can’t decide!

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