March 7, 2013

Amanda Seyfried at LAX in Givenchy… OH MY!

I’m not a religious person, but OH MY CHRIST, look at this AMAZING Givenchy top Amanda Seyfried is sporting. The Daily Mail call it an ‘arty sweater’, but I like to call it an epic Riccardo Tisci Madonna creation. And what’s more, it’s from the menswear spring summer 2013 collection!

There’s something… sexy when a women wears a man’s sweater or shirt when it’s oversized. It took a look for me to write that sentence, but believe it or not, I can see when a woman looks sexy. And it doesn’t have to always involve thigh high slits and to-the-navel plunges.

***Amanda’s sweater on the men’s catwalk…***
Shop some Givenchy…

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February 12, 2013

Thou Shalt Pose #2

So here it is lovely reader, my second outfit post. I’ve decided to keep the style of the shots similar, and the balloon has made another appearance, and, you’ll soon notice, Dhillon dog makes his debut!

This is one of my favourite shirts. It’s by JC de Castelbajac, one of my all time favourite designers. It’s a few years old but still a classic wardrobe piece. I just LOVE the way it looks in pics. You probably can’t see in these shots, but the red Indian man image is actually made up of loads of small dots. And the sleeves are a thick wool.

The trousers are a new pride and joy too. They are Givenchy, wool, drop crotch – as are most of my trousers. They were half price in the Selfridges sale… how could I say no?! And the shoes, the shoes are plastic brogues by Vivienne Westwood. I bought them in black and red as they were half price too, and they are SO comfy, it was silly not to.

Oh God, I sound like a spoilt brat. But believe me, I save up hard to spend the money!


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January 27, 2013

Rihanna in her Givenchy bomber jacket…

Oooo you can’t get away with wearing something Givenchy and not have me talk about it, even you Rihanna, even you Anne Hathaway in that… interesting bat-sleeve gown, and even you Prof Green in your, well, everything!

Rihanna’s bomber is from Givenchy’s pre-fall 2013 collection. Usually I don’t really like a bomber jacket, I just don’t really think they flatter anyone, but Rihanna gives it a cool-girl lick, teaming it with her red (leather?) bottoms and leopard print (River Island collection?) high tops.

The kaleidoscopic print runs throughout the pre collection, in evening and day wear.

What do you think?

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December 16, 2012

Professor Green in Givenchy’s aeroplanes…

It’s been FAR too long since seeing Professor Green out and about in some Givenchy (ooo, maybe like 36 hours!), so it’s just as well he decided to take Chelsea girlfriend, Millie Mackintosh, out for date night on Friday… he decided on Givenchy’s pre Spring Summer 2013 aeroplane print shirt! 

Right, so not only is he wearing my favourite shirt from the pre-collection, but he went to the one restaurant I’d sell my mother to go to… Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck. Once again I find the words I’M and JEALOUS being typed.

Is it time Prof had a VERY tab at the top of my blog? I mean, his wardrobe always manages to stir the horrible green-eyed monster from the depths of my being.

I should learn to just be happy for him, shouldn’t I?

***You can buy Professor Green’s shirt from Selfridges or Luisa Via Roma***
***The shirt in the pre-spring 2013 collection campaign***

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December 13, 2012

Red Carpet Roundup – Cate Blanchett, Katie Holmes and THAT Geri Halliwell dress…

I just thought I’d share with you the best and, erm, most interesting looks (note how I’m kinda sitting on the fence in an attempt not to annoy anyone!) from the red carpets of this week. To be honest, this should just be all about Cate Blanchett, she’s totally blown me away with her two recent looks, but there’s a couple of others that have caught my eye…

 Above: Cate Blanchett at the Hobbit premiere in London last night, wearing an AMAZING white Givenchy Spring Summer 2013 gown
Below: in a gorgeous Peter Pilotto top and skirt combo. 

Who cares if everyone saw Anne Hathaway’s goodies, she sure as hell makes up for her Sharon Stone Basic Instinct moment in this daring Tom Ford cape-back gown. The shoes, however, look a bit too leg brace-y for me. 
 I usually find Katie Holmes utterly uninteresting and boring, and very safe with her fashion choices, but this purple velvet Tom Ford dress is probably the best she’s ever worn! Great colour for a brunette, and a sexy length and cut for her too. WOW moment. 

I’m so bloody impressed with Sarah Jessica Parker right now. She’s a fashion icon, we know, but to wear this Erdem two-piece that could easily have drowned her, and look THIS amazing is a feat in itself. Definitely the best of the week! 
Ohhh ‘ere she is, little miss flasher! I mean, what’s with the showing off your smalls Kristen? Haven’t you learnt your lesson? It’s not even nice! She looks awkward, and quite frankly that easel and board look better than she does.  

 Geri, love, stop it. Just stop. Stop trying to get all the attention when you look so hideous. What’s this toilet roll holder you’re wearing? It’s so wrong. It’s so mother-of-the-bride. In fact the only one I like here is Victoria, obviously. She’s working that School Gate chic to the max! 
This picture upsets me. 

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December 5, 2012

Buy Givenchy menswear Spring Summer 2013 now! OMG…

“Liiiiving in a Givenchy world// And I’m a Givenchy girl”. Madonna didn’t sing those exact lyrics, but that’s what has been going through my head since Monday, since learning that are now stocking practically the WHOLE menswear Spring Summer 2013 collection.

And talking of Madonna, the religious type adorn most of the collection. You might have noticed when I snuck in to their London HQ for a closer look that it was a rather… religious collection!

Order now people, it won’t be in stock for long.

Here’s some of my fav pieces…



December 4, 2012

Kim Kar-diaries: Givenchy tee time!

If I wasn’t jealous enough already of Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe, she only goes and pulls this Givenchy T shirt out the bag, slapping me in the face with another dose of the green eyed monster. 
Not shy of wearing, well, anything that takes her fancy really, Kim looks amazing in this tee and leggings combo, from Givenchy’s pre fall 2012 collection. She uploaded the photo to her blog with the caption “Today’s outfit Givenchy shirt, Kardashian Kollection leggings, gold Rolex, Christian Louboutin Shoes.” 
If only we could all wear this for a day out. Oh wait, I do sometimes, sans heels and leggings and Gold Rolex (although I’d totally wear them too!). 
She also posted this photo on Twitter yesterday, showing off her gold obsession. 

However, Kim has been a bit slow on the uptake with this specific tee. Rihanna and Liberty Ross have been seen wearing it earlier this year. Maybe Riccardo Tisci favoured the two other stars and sent them the T shirt? Did Kim actually have to BUY something??

We’ll never know. But she does look hot in it, regardless.

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November 28, 2012

Professor Green wears more Givenchy Rottweilers…

I’ve spoken about Professor Green and his love for Givenchy in the past, especially the Rottweilers, and once again, he makes me green with envy when last night he rocked this navy blue, pre-spring 2013 jumper. Prof’s jumper features the HDG logo – House de Givenchy, along with the signature scary dog.

He’s a lucky lucky boy. All this Givenchy chucked at him. I might have to befriend him…

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November 18, 2012

Rihanna wears Givenchy t-shirt in Paris… SERIOUS wardrobe envy!

So unless you’ve been locked up for the last six days or, God forbid, been off your Twitter account, you’ll know that Rihanna is off around the world on her 777 tour, finishing in London tomorrow. And last night, her Parisian audience were treated to a sexy outfit of just thigh high boots and this Givenchy t-shirt.

Oh my Christ, I’m sooo jealous. When I went to see the Givenchy spring summer 2013 collection up close last week, I saw this tee in the red, and I was dying to try it on. You see, this won’t be available in stores until at least the beginning of next year, so Ri Ri is one lucky gal.

And what’s more, this was from the men’s catwalk show, which I think makes it even more sexy… you know, that whole pull on your boyfriend’s shirt in the morning thing you girls can do so well!

A class styling Rihanna. Love it. Can’t wait to buy this one.

Rihanna’s tee on the catwalk…


November 16, 2012

Givenchy’s religious Spring Summer 2013… sooooo me!

I’m not a religious person, but if I did have a faith, it would be that of Givenchy.

Riccardo Tisci, the designer behind the House, has fine tuned his Catholicism into a collection for next spring summer that, to be quite honest, has me on my knees praying for a miraculous increase to my bank balance.

Spookily faded and painted faces that could easily be mistaken for religious works of art hanging in The National Gallery form Tisci’s underlying theme for this collection. Team those with a play on layering and proportions – priest-like lengths – and some finely cut tailoring, and the Givenchy man for spring summer 2013 is one of the faith too.

I couldn’t get over the fabrics, prints and lengths when I actually saw this small bit of the collection up close. Obviously I had to try some of the things on (I apologise for the extremely bad poses). As I’ve said before with so many other of Givenchy’s pieces… it’s all SOOOO ME.

In it’s entirety, it might scare off some men, but as separates you add statement to an outfit. I personally love the printed tee over a longer length shirt look, that was seen on the catwalk (below).