September 3, 2012

Julian Clary wears Acne in Celebrity Big Brother!

So I blogged about Julian wearing his amazing studded Prada shoes when he entered the house, and joked that he might be a dark fashion horse… well it kinda looks like he is!

In tonight’s show Julian wears the Acne heart print t shirt that I’ve been eyeing up since it hit stores last month. In fact, the whole Acne heart collection is pretty amazing! Does he have it all? Will he pull out a Givenchy or a piece of Westwood for his eviction?

I’m sitting on the edge of my seat here!!!

Some more Acne goodies…


August 15, 2012

Celebrity Big Brother – Julian Clary wears Prada shoes…

OMG, who the hell knew that Mr Julian Clary was a fashionista?? We’re just used to seeing him in some lippy and a bright coloured shirt, making sexual innuendos. Well, nothings changed really, expect that for tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother launch, HE’S WEARING THE PRADA SHOES I DREAM OF!

Look… Julian is wearing THOSE jewel studded, fringed brogues from the spring summer 2012 collection. He teams them with a black and blue polka dot suit that he surely took from his wardrobe when he was playing Leigh Bowery in Boy George’s Taboo back in 2002 (yes, the same show I spoke about last week, the one coming back next month yeh??).

Is Julian a dark fashion horse we should be looking out for?? If he’s got these shoes, maybe he is?

Love him already.

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