September 5, 2012

Kobi Levi, shoe genius (continued, again!)

Awww once again my new found favourite fashion-art-design amazing person has released yet more fun shoe designs. Kobi Levi, who I’ve spoken about multiple times now, has just launched his latest three design shoe collection, focusing on birds!

The Stork, Flamingo and Ostrich really speak for themselves, I just love the quirkiness of the leg heels and the contrast beak toes.

I long for Kobi’s update emails, they makes me smile, BIG time.

When are we going to see these on the red carpets? The time has come me thinks!

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July 26, 2011

Kobi Levi shoe genius… continued (once again)

I vowed to both Kobi Levi and you, lovely reader, to always blog about any new fabulous pieces of footwear that he puts his hands to (that sounds weird, right?). So here I am, blogging about some more genius shoes by the Israeli designer!

This time Kobi is showing us, in no certain terms, that he likes a cuppa coffee. These two pairs are, indeed, named ‘Coffee?’. The white pair are the porcelain version and the black pair are the diner version, both made from the finest leather.

You may think you have no occasion to wear such an inventive, unique pair of shoes. But fear not. Tara Palmer-Tomkinson certainly shoes us all that you don’t need a reason to wear your most daring heels… what with her Chanel pistols! Take Tara’s lead and wear these coffee’s (like that name!) for… a coffee maybe?

Kobi, you really are a genius. Footwear as art/art as footwear has never looked so good!

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May 2, 2011

Kobi Levi shoe genius… continued

You’ll probably remember the ‘bird’ series, or the Blonde Ambition shoe, or maybe even his Sling Shot pair. Either way Kobi Levi keeps coming back with more and more footwear ideas that really do defy all normal design and craftsmanship.

This time it’s two new pairs, both no relation to each other but equally fab in their own right, and rather interesting to look at, as always.

I asked Kobi a few questions last year on his unique take on footwear, take a look…


***Mother and Daughter***

***Contemporary Chinese***

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March 16, 2011

Kobi Levi shoe genius… continued

I love me some shoes, and I love it when women wear good shoes too, so Kobi has always been of interest to me. I interviewed him a while back and posted about more of his shoes too, and now I am here to show ya’ll his newest little collection… the ‘Bird Series’. I can imagine Björk liking and wearing all of these.

Kobi, a design graduate based in Jerusalem, is, as the title suggests, an expert in footwear; bespoke, crazy, off-the-wall creations to marvel at. I just love seeing what his uber creative imagination comes up with next. His shoes should really have a catwalk show of their own one day!




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January 1, 2011

Kobi Levi, shoe genius!

Back in October I spoke about the shoe designer extraordinaire Kobi Levi, in fact I interviewed him where he spoke about his thought processes to create such imaginative footwear. I was blown away with what I saw on his website, and needed to find out more.

Checking back on the site recently I was once again blown away with these two new designs he had put up: ‘Blond Ambition’ and ‘Slide’. Madonna would be proud of her inspired shoe, that pony tail is just genius, and the microphone strap is a gorgeous touch as is the cone toe and the corset detail.

LOVE Kobi’s handiwork. Just brilliant.

*Blond Ambition*


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October 13, 2010

Shoe Candy… Kobi Levi

With my last shoe post a while back now, I felt I had to fill the footwear void. I was having withdrawals. That dry patch is well and truly over thankfully with my latest obsession – Kobi Levi.
Kobi, a jewellery and accessories designer graduate from Jerusalem’s Besalel Academy of Art and Design, has produced his very own pieces of shoe-art that, I think it’s fair to say, have very much slapped the shoe world in the face with a huge dose of creative tongue-in-cheek cheekiness. His designs are less shoes, more pieces of carefully thought out, carefully constructed and highly provocative creations. He’s taking footwear to the next level. Fashion has gone so avantgarde, so ‘different’, so extreme over the last few years, why not shoes too? Yes, we’ve all seen the wonders of a pair of Balenciaga’s, and we’ve all drooled over the YSL Tributes, but there’s something about a hand-crafted piece of fashion that ticks all the boxes. Isn’t there?
Wasn’t it Carrie Bradshaw herself who once said that a good pair of shoes can make any outfit? I’m pretty sure her mouth would drop wide open at the sight of a pair of Kobi Levis. I know mine did. It’s pretty safe to say that you would definitely build an outfit around these shoes and NOT the other way round. They speak for themselves.
I chatted to Kobi and asked him a few questions. Here’s what he had to say…
The Very: Is the foot your favourite part of the body?
Kobi: No it isn’t, one of the least favourite actually!
The Very: In relation to Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo, where would you like to be in the shoe designer circuit?
Kobi: Well, without sounding weird or full of myself (certainly not me), I want to create “my own circuit”. The designers you mentioned are amazing, and mainly because they have their own ‘design language’ this is what makes each good designer unique. I think each designer is creating their own special style, and that is what I’m doing as well. These shoe creations are showing my design approach.
The Very: Where does your inspiration come from? Is it as easy as the things around you?
Kobi: Sometimes it is easy, an idea that just comes from nowhere and then I evolve it into a design. Sometimes it is more about concentrating on a chosen theme and designing accordingly.
The Very: Should we take your footwear seriously in terms of fashion and trends, or are they more ‘fun’ show pieces?
Kobi: They are “art to wear” – real, wearable shoes with a difference. And with a sense of humour (even when there is a deeper concept to focus on)
The Very: What designer shoes do you like? If there was one designer you’d like to feature your shoes on the catwalk, who would it be?
Kobi: Difficult. There are a lot of great and talented designers. It can be a piece from way in the past, to very modern to completely avantgarde. I like Mcqueen’s latest shoes (and a lot of his footwear designs from the past), I like Loutboutin’s super elegant creations, Vivienne Westwood’s ‘super elevated’ shoes, Thea Cadabra “The maid” design, Marloes Ten Bhomer’s work, Rene Van der Berg’s designs. All very different and talented.
Lovely reader… all hail the shoe-art God!


‘XXX Pump’


‘Market Trolley’


‘Chewing Gum’

To check out more of his amaze creations, check out Kobi’s website here. Kobi has told me that custom made shoes can be discussed and all pairs so far are on of a kind. He is looking into the options of a limited edition production of some of them due to popular demand. Get in contact with Kobi through his website.

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