February 25, 2013

Fan Bingbing at the Oscars 2013 – Best Dressed #2

Blimey. This is one SERIOUS dress. And if anyone can get away with it, it’s Fan Bingbing. The Chinese actress is famed for her fashion choices as much as her film roles (not that I’ve seen her in anything, apart from on red carpets), and now with this fuchsia pink, structurally amazing Marchesa gown, from the autumn/winter 2013 collection, under Fan’s proverbial belt, she wins the best dressed number two award from me.

It’s so important to not let a dress wear you, and as massive and dramatic as this Marchesa number is, Fan takes control. She has a teeny tiny frame, so it could be a disaster – kind of like a really skinny woman looking over the top of a big pile of washing, but she ALWAYS owns the outfit she has on.

And for that reason, I admire her greatly.

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November 20, 2011

Marchesa Magic – Blake Lively at the Gossip Girl 100th episode celebrations!

Not only is it time to celebrate the 100th episode of Gossip Girl (sorry, but I haven’t actually seen one of them and therefore have NO idea what Blake is like as an actress), but it’s also time to congratulate Keren and Georgina, the designer duo behind Marchesa, for this utterly mesmerizing fringed dress from their Spring Summer 2012 collecsh.

As an actress, Blake is a FABULOUS dresser. Often choosing Marchesa as her go-to red carpet brand, she’s a brilliant advert for the extraordinary craftsmanship, romanticism and detail that have made Marchesa a celeb favourite!

I really love love love this frock. I think it’s the mix of sheer, fringing (especially the fringing) and the aqua hues that get me.

Blake, always choose Marchesa please. More more more!

***Blake’s dress on the SS12 catwalk…***

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September 28, 2011

Some Marchesa Magic – behind the scenes of the SS12 catwalk…

I’ve long since been a fan of Marchesa, waxing lyrical about anything that Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig put their uber creative hands to. And this fashion week season, spring summer 2012, saw their first proper catwalk show, rather than their usual static but nonetheless amazing presentations.

Since the duo’s amalgamation in 2004, red carpets the world over have never ever looked so good. It’s something in the way they put a dress together. Swathes of fabric, probably metres and metres of the stuff, are stitched and folded together. Subtle yet statement yet soft embellishments are attached to hems and seams to shimmer as the dress moves. Decorative origami detailing is what Marchesa do best, along with froth and fluidity in bucket loads. Imagine what it feels like wearing a piece so passionately worked on and precision cut?

Hopefully these images of behind-the-scenes at Marchesa’s spring summer 2012 catwalk show will give you a glimpse into how just how mesmerizing the gowns are. Long may Marchesa rule as the queen of the fashion industry’s dressing up box!

[pictures courtesy of www.thedailybeast.com]

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September 15, 2011

Marchesa spring summer 2012 – a new season, a new collection

A presentation of a new collection is nice, but nothing beats a catwalk show. Thank the Lord Georgina and Karen of Marchesa chose the latter for their spring summer 2012 collection. To see their gowns static, as amazing as they still are up on a pedestal, is nothing to seeing them float/glide/sail down a runway. They need movement, and hopefully this will be the start of a very lovely relationship between many a Christian Louboutin for Marchesa heel-clad model and the strut of a catwalk.

Anyway, focus. The collection. YES YES YES please! Even though they do always cite their inspirations in the show notes, to me it’s more about the beauty of the Marchesa creations than anything else. This collection is apparently inspired by the water world, and through the use of a few aqua colors, fluid angel hair adoring some frocks and the froth of meters and meters of chiffon and tulle I can vaguely see this theme, however I’m going to stick to the fact that dress after dress I gasped with delight, and I’m sure the front row did too.

Talking of the ‘frow’, Naomi Campbell, Courtney Love, Emma Roberts and Mollie Simms – ohhh no big deal. WRONG. This is Marchesa’s USP, their red carpet couture is second to none. Time and time again I’ve read interviews from the Hollywood elite divulging, in big gushing bucket loads, of how they feel otherworldly in a Marchesa frock. And it’s not hard to see why.

One dress is “lilac, hand-dipped pleated organza,” another is a “silver illusion dress with cascade tulle detail,” according to the show notes. Origami twists and folds, beaded fringing, feathers and barely-there bodices make up the rest of, if you ask me, one of Marchesa’s best collections. Which is hard to say because I gush about each and every one!


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July 10, 2011

Blake Lively adds to her Marchesa collection at Bafta gala…

I agree with Blake Lively. Not that she said anything about her dress from the Bafta Brits to Watch Gala, but I can sense that she might have said something like “Marchesa, I need to wear Marchesa. I want to wear that absolutely STUNNING ice blue one shouldered lace extravaganza dream please”. And as if by magic, her stylist produces the dress, from the Spring Summer 2011 collection. It seems Blake is a devout Marchesa fan, the label is almost her religion, and I don’t blame her. She’s seen in the label time and time again and each dress rivals the one before. Here, the blue against her skin tone and hair is just perfect, and with the sweeping lace embroidery it’s a red carpet package that can’t be beaten.

And doesn’t she look beautiful in it? Best dressed of the night for me I think!


June 30, 2011

Marchesa resort 2012: Behind the Scenes and more…

No, unfortunately I wasn’t there on this shoot (still secretly hoping one day I might be invited on one), but thanks to the powers that be Facebook, Marchesa has let us in on the action behind the scenes on their brand new resort 2012 collection.

The actual shoot images follow below, but these are a great taster to a wonderful collection. More designers should put behind the scenes pics up, it’s a very welcome personal touch!

I still don’t really understand the need for resort collections, although a lot of them are fabulous, but Marchesa design duo Georgina and Keren hardly need a reason to create a good dress or 23 do they??

Bursting with energy, charisma, colour and that Marchesa magic (embellishment, origami-like detailing and pure body contouring), their 2012 resort collection, I can envisage, should really be packed up in one of those amazing old LouisVuitton trunks and taken on a gorgeous south of France trip… maybe by a young royal?


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May 17, 2011

Marchesa Watch: Look who’s wearing the dresses!

Cannes is a busy time of year for any fashion house. There’s those few intense minutes, hours, days before any event when the designers are biting their finger nails to find out if the stars are actually wearing the dresses their stylists have called in. It must be so nerve racking. They present their newest collection for the season, and if it’s a brand that endorses celebrity style they sit and wait to see the dresses on a red carpet, somewhere in the world.

For the two lovely ladies at Marchesa, Georgina and Keren, this is probably what they go through all the time. However with their creations being SO intricate, detail-orientated, perfectly romantic and red carpet-ready the celebs LOVE pulling on a Marchesa frock. And in turn, we, or me, can’t wait to see the pictures and coo over them.

Cannes Film Festival is most definitely the best time of year to showcase some gorgeous Marchesa, so it’s no surprise that some of the biggest celebs have chosen to wear one of their gowns. I’ve shown you Rachel McAdams’ stunning red Marchesa already, and here’s a few more…

***Penelope Cruz at Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
premiere in a frothy lavender tulle Marchesa gown***

***Naomi Campbell strutting on her Fashion for Relief catwalk
in an uber-lace black and white frock***

***Famke Janssen, writer and director in a
LBMD – little black Marchesa dress from
their autumn winter 2009 collection***

What do you think of the dresses? Or Marchesa in general? And who do you think will be next in one of their gowns??

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April 27, 2011

A right Royal wedding!

The wedding of the century is upon us, if you didn’t know. I’m excited. Very excited. I’ve expressed in the past that I’m not a Royalist, I’m an ‘intrigue-ist’, for a better choice of a word. So when Kate and Wills tie the knot on Friday, I’ll be watching all eight hours of the BBC’s coverage – with a close eye on what everyone is wearing; obviously Kate, but the Queen, Princess Anne, the younger princesses and Camila (eek!).

I’d be a bad blogger if I didn’t speculate on what dress Kate will go for, but speculation becomes rumour and rumour becomes lies and before you know it she’ll be wearing a black tuxedo or her birthday suit. So no, I’m not going to speculate. However I would LOVE her to wear Vivienne Westwood (Carrie Bradshaw’s dress would be a good choice), naturally, but she won’t. Or a spectacular Marchesa gown would look gorgeous on her, but she won’t. Instead we’ll have to wait, just a few more hours.

Weddings are funny things, and they do funny things to a lot of people. I’ve lived through many. Mostly Jewish weddings which, as ya’ll probably aware, can become mini productions. It starts with the engagement parties, dinners, celebrations. Then comes the wedding dress search (I went with my sister and was plied with champagne!), invitations, guest lists and caterers. Table centres, flowers, table cloths, chairs and the like come next. The table seating plan is enough in itself to cause a divorce before the actual wedding. Food tasting is fun but you have to consider everyone, and then comes the dilemma of bespoke apple crumble or an assiette of teeny tiny tasters.

There’s family politics with who you invite, where they are seated (annoying relatives are usually behind the pillars) and what people wear. Oh God, the amount of ‘I can’t believe she wore that’ or ‘that colour was ALL wrong for her’ or ‘she actually looked lovely, but didn’t like her bag or shoes’ that fly round after a wedding is unreal. Granted I do have my own opinions, but it’s just funny to hear other peoples.

Brides go into melt down. Wedding crash diets rear their heads for both bride and groom, mother of the brides, mother-in-laws, gay sons. Mother-of-the-brides are often over run with big day plans, money worries and dress fittings. I’m sure The Very Mummy G carried a table seat plan with her for weeks before the wedding making constant changes.

This is why Kate and Wills have it relatively easy. Yes, they have the whole country, maybe even the whole world watching their wedding, but really they have a lot already organised for them. Like, for instance, their kiss after the service, it has an allocated time, and at least she knows where her jewels are coming from!

So I’m excited. Excited to see what traditions are still in tact, how they are together and, more importantly, excited to see what deserts they have!

Anyway, I’ve digressed for a bit too long, the point of this post was to show some gorgeous wedding dresses that Kate should think (or should have thought) about. So, enjoy. And enjoy Friday’s coverage too!

***Some of Marchesa’s bridal spring 2011 collection***

***Some of Monique L’huiller’s bridal spring 2011 collection***

***A couple of Jenny Packham’s bridal spring 2011 collection***

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April 1, 2011

Marchesa watch: Blake Lively and her GORGEOUS red dress…

Since Gossip Girl, Blake Lively’s wardrobe has stepped up a notch or two hasn’t it? Look at this WOW red Marchesa number from last nights CinemaCon awards in Las Vegas!

Straight off the podium from Marchesa’s autumn winter 2011 presentation, this dress was one of the shorter options from the collection, but nevertheless it, and Blake, out shone anyone else on that carpet last night. And doesn’t red look great on her? In fact… TIP FOR BLONDES: DO RED PLEASE!

Never mind the acting award Blake, best dressed goes to you love!

*From the autumn winter 2011 presentation*

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January 17, 2011

Errm Olivia Wilde best dressed in Marchesa at Golden Globes 2011

Right, here it is, my best dressed of the night… Olivia Wilde in Marchesa.
I make it no secret that Marchesa is one of my favourite labels. The dresses Georgina and Keren design and make are, without sounding too dramatic, the best ever. And this huge, sparkly black number proves just that.
A true princess frock, Olivia looks INSANE in this. I’ve just told a friend that she needs it for her wedding dress! I know, black for a wedding? you ask, but it would be an unbelievable thing to wear, would it not?
Olivia, you’ve done me proud. Thank you thank you thank you!

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