October 2, 2015

Blog Off: Joe Jonas in Versace…

joe jonas

Oh you know I couldn’t let this shirt slip by without giving it a mention. And I’m glad it’s Joe Jonas wearing it, and not some utter idiot who thinks he can wear Versace well, but can’t pull it off at all (Bieber).

Personally, I think the brothers are always well turned out, in relevant designers, and styled brilliantly.

You have to be a confident man to wear a Versace shirt. You have to wear it with conviction. Joe doesn’t strike me as someone to love anything THIS printed and fabulous, but then again he IS dating model-of-the-moment, Gigi Hadid, so he has to keep up with her wardrobe now.

But enough from me, scroll down to see what some blogger mates thought of Joe’s look…

joe jonas versace shirt

* Marcus from The Chic Geek *

I like this silk shirt because he is wearing it correctly; buttoned-up, untucked with dark trousers. This shows confidence. He has taken a risk and pulled it off. That’s style.


* Neil from The Science of Appearance *

Although overall it’s a pretty simple look, I love the shirt. Joe’s style has always been a little more mainstream compared to Nick, but it works for him. It’s a great example of how to work something a little more daring into your wardrobe. The shirt is uber noisy with the mixed graphics, so matching it with pared down separates allows the top to do the shouting. Key styling tip to take form it? If you’re going to rock this type of shirt, then follow Joe’s lead and make sure the fit is perfect. 


Shop similar Versace shirts here…

Yours truly, The VSG x

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August 9, 2015

My Edinburgh Fringe Essentials…


It’s that time of year again… our annual jaunt up to Edinburgh Festival Fringe!


And this time we’re going up on the train. We usually fly, but thought it was easier all round to take the train, and also, it means you can get away with packing more! It’s harder to pack for the Fringe than you think… we’re here for four days, which means four easy outfits that are equally nice enough to be seen in, and comfortable to sit for hours. PLUS some changes for the evenings, of course!


In an attempt to keep this trip on budget – seeing approx. 5 or 6 shows a day is quite expensive – Primark very kindly invited me to take part int their #SaveItForThePlaneTicket campaign. Or in my case, #SaveItForTheTrainTicket. Giving me a £100 budget, I did a supermarket sweep-style shopping spree, and came out with change left over.

From clockwise: New York London Brooklyn hooded top, £10; grey wool cuff trousers, £15; peanut M&M’s (essentials!), 80p; men’s facial wipes, £1; red espadrilles, £6.

To be honest, there was more sweets, but in an attempt to make you think I’m not a total pig, I chose to omit them. Obviously I’ll be Instagramming them though!


I couldn’t go anywhere without some of my favourite products too (obviously some of these aren’t from Primark). I know candles seem like an odd choice, but the beauty of going on a staycation means you can really take what the hell you like with you, and seeing as I’ve become one of those people who light an amazing candle every night, I though… why not! (thanks Primark again, £2 each!).

So here we have: Latest In Beauty’s erm, latest beauty box, in collab with Get The Gloss which includes a multide of amazing things like Elemental Herbology’s Cell Plumping moisturiser and Salon Science’s Hydrasoothe cooling spray (see more here).

Vaseline’s new Intensive Care spray moisturiser is quick, easy, and great for travelling; Ermenegildo Zegna’s new Acqua di Bergamotto which is fresh, powdery and rather lovely; and La Roche-Posay’s Pigmentclar Eyes, which is a miracle dark circle remover!



Plus other train companions, the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar, a second packet of peanut M&M’s (thanks Primark!), and a Kinder Surprise, kindly supplied by my friend Gemma.

I usually put up a little roundup of the shows I’ve seen too, so stay tuned for that coming soon!

Yours truly, The VSG x

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July 27, 2015

Outfit Post: Vintage Issey Miyake…



vintage issey miyake shirt

When I first visited the House of Liza shop, in the depths of Hoxton, I was utterly, completely dumbfounded. Gasping at the sight of every piece. I could have bought everything.

Almost a year later, I returned, and this vintage Issey Miyake shirt was still there. Thankfully. It’s now mine. See my House of Liza post here, where I even tried on this shirt.






I knew I wanted this shirt. You know when you know. You know when you can’t stop thinking about it.

I used to stalk the Farfetch.com site to see if it was still on there. To be honest, I still check almost weekly to see if anything new has been added. The man who owns House of Liza, Goncalo, is quite a remarkable vintage collector.

He has the eye.

You know, the eye to spot a shirt or skirt or dress that will be worth money. The nose to sniff out a piece which is, essentially, priceless.

I don’t know exactly when this Miyake shirt is from, but it’s old. At least a couple of decades.






Yours truly, The VSG x

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July 17, 2015

Blog Off: Adam Lambert in pink Tom Rebel suit…


He’s on a serious new album promotional tour, and with it comes Adam Lambert’s amazing wardrobe. The last couple of weeks he has done himself proud, with some lust-worthy looks, actually my last Blog Off was Adam too (see here).

And here he is again, on Tuesday, at a magazine party in Miami wearing this rather special Tom Rebel suit. With its pink snakeskin print and black lapels, it’s a VERY Miami look.

I’m not so keen on the cummerbund, I generally dislike them unless they are of obi belt proportions, but you know what I’m going to say… obviously I love this suit! Considering a recent blog of mine all about printed suits for us men next season, this is a timely choice, Adam!

But what do some blogger mates think? Scroll down to see…

adam lambert pink tom rebel suit

*Samuel from Styleoversubstances.com*

Facially, Adam looks great; but we’re not here to talk about that. Whilst printed suits were everywhere at the recent menswear shows, this pink number is really rather disappointing. The print makes it look cheap and the fit isn’t flattering at all. I do like the sheer shirt however, just not paired with this Awful suit. 

*Neil from Thescienceofappearance.com*

I want to love it, I really do. But I don’t. At all. OK, maybe a little. I love Adam’s boundary-pushing style but it just goes a little too far this time. If you’re going to wear something so bold, it needs to be perfectly fitted. The trousers are way too long, and the jacket looks a little big on the hips. What’s the cummerbund about? The sheer shirt and satin finishes push this into greasy-Lothario territory and I think he’s wearing loafers?! Something that striking needed sharp black lace-ups. If he’d worn a more structured shirt and it was all tailored to within an inch of it’s life, it could have been a winner. 


There really is no stopping your love for Mr Lambert is there Simon? On first glance, this suit might look batshit mental, it’s actually a pretty regular pattern, and has been tastefully accessorized with black shoes, cummerbund, tux facings and a (see-through?) shirt. For Adam, this  might even seem toned-down, but for the rest of us, shows exactly *how* to wear bold prints – keep everything else muted. I actually quite like this look, it’s very appropriately Miami, and I particularly love Adam’s hair – those curls! All in all, very nicely done.

Here’s the suit on the catwalk, Adam’s has been custom-made…


Who do you agree with?

Yours truly, The VSG x


July 9, 2015

Looking for a printed suit? Spring Summer ’16 is THE season for one…



dolce and gabbana menswear ss16

Well hello there handsome!

Ooo, embarrassing. That’s my head! On that model! Wearing THAT suit! Now who did that?


Men’s fashion week Spring Summer 2016 has come and gone in a flash, we’re now on the fall ’15 couture collections, but I couldn’t wait another minute without talking about the amazing, incredible, other-worldly set of printed suits we saw from lots of designers.

alexander mcqueen menswear ss16*Alexander McQueen*

dolce and gabbana menswear ss16 a*Dolce & Gabbana (as is first image)*

dries van noten menswear ss16*Dries van Noten*

I actually don’t like wearing suits. My wedding suit was, without a shadow of a doubt, the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. It was Versace after all. But usually I just feel a bit… squished in. Restricted. Uncomfortable. And yes, I do buy the right size.

It’s because I’ve never HAD to wear one. For work I mean. If you’ve grown up wearing them, it’s different.

BUT, having said all this, from what I saw on the catwalks for next next season (basically a year), I’m going to be wearing suits a lot more. PRINT-BLOODY-TASTIC.

On more than one occasion over the last couple of weeks I’ve found myself staring, open mouthed, at catwalk shots of these suits, induced by the mesmerising, and sometimes oil painting-like prints.

etro menswear ss16*Etro*

gucci menswear ss16*Gucci*

thom browne ss16*Thom Browne*

VERSACE ss16*Versace*

walter van beirendonck ss16*Walter van Beirendonck*

I mean, I just can’t even deal with some of these. Do you wear them? Do you frame them? Do you just archive them, and only pull them out when summoned by some fashion exhibition organiser decades after buying them?



Yours truly, The VSG x

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April 15, 2015

Adam Lambert in Unconditional for Notion magazine…


So Adam Lambert is certainly doing the rounds at the moment. Probably because he has a new single (and album) coming out. His new single, Ghost Town, is due out in six days. I can’t wait!

Adam is the cover star of the new issue of Notion magazine, and as always, looks amazing…


But it was one of the shots from inside the mag that caught my eye. I’ve always expressed my love for Adam’s wardrobe, he always looks amazing, and this black and white jacket from Unconditional (the fabulous London-based label), is right up my street!



You can buy it right now, over on Farfetch.com here…



In the interview, Adam says of his fashion:

Someone said to me ‘oh you’re not wearing all that crazy shit, are you trying to tone it down?’ and I was like ‘no, I just got tired. Fu*k! It was a lot of work!


And about his new album, The Original High:

The album is dance-y but bittersweet, and the lyrics are a little darker [than they have been, previously]. I’ve done the more bubblegum stuff, I’ve done the camp stuff, and now I want to encourage people to face their shit. I want to show them the part of me that’s not all polished or [still part of] the ‘pageant on TV’ thing – I want it to be real, you know?


Yours truly, The VSG x

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April 12, 2015

The Very Grooming: Tesco’s Pro Formula For Men…

image1 (6)

When you get a press release about a new beauty or grooming range from a supermarket chain, you might be immediately dubious. I know I was with Tesco’s new Pro Formula for Men products. But never judge a book by it’s cover!

image1 (6)So, Tesco have added some new lines to their Pro Formula for Men collection. This SPF15 moisturiser being one of them. I have to say, I was very impressed with it. The texture and the scent felt premium. It wasn’t watery, or too creamy, and when applied, it wasn’t greasy.

And, the good news is, IT’S £2.50!!!

That’s what I couldn’t get over. It’s so cheap. For a product with an SPF in it, and to include chamomile and aloe vera, and be this cheap is brilliant for men that are just starting out with their grooming regime.

I also used the new Cooling Face scrub, which is £2, and again contains chamomile and aloe vera, both great ingredients for sensitive skin. It did its job, but I didn’t love the smell. Then again though, I have been spoilt over the years with some luxury scrubs.

My skin did feel good after use though, which is the main thing.

Other lines added include a sensitive aftershave balm and a sensitive moisturiser. Check them out here. 


Yours truly, The VSG x

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April 7, 2015

Obsessing over Walter van Beirendonck’s suits…


It can be almost a year from seeing a collection walked down a catwalk, to when it actually becomes available to buy, or rather, available to try on in the hope that one day (read: never) you’ll be able to afford a piece of said collection.

There are only a few designers that stick in my mind, season after season, in the desperate attempt to catch a glimpse of a piece in a shop, or if all fails, online. One is Walter van Beirendonck. He of the absurdly dark yet witty, crazy yet wearable, printed and fabulous collections. Spring Summer ’15 was a particularly amazing season for Beirendonck.


My favourite of Beirendonck’s is his suits. Tailored perfectly, and with always something incredible to look at printed or embroidered or embellished onto them. These three, the last three looks from the SS15 catwalk show, are now available from Farfetch.com. And I can’t stop looking at them!

walter van beirendonck ss15 suits

Buy here…

Yours truly, The VSG x

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April 1, 2015

Blog Off Mens: Justin Timberlake in blue Versace…


I personally still haven’t forgiven Justin Timberlake for THAT denim disaster, the one with Britney Spears. It’s the only thing I think of when someone mentions JT. Unfortunately. Like a bad smell that won’t go away.

But for the iHeartRadio Awards on Sunday, Justin donned this head-to-toe Versace number. Blue suit, black shirt. The lot! I liked it. But still can’t get the denim out my head.

But what did my blogger mates think? Scroll down to see…

justin timberlake blue suit iheartradio versace


*Neil from The Science of Appearance*

I love Justin, and his style, so I’m not gonna say anything (too) negative. I love the simplicity of the look, it fits him well, but then I think it kind of jars with the suit being so electric – but that’s mainly because of the camera flashes, always something to consider on the red carpet! The shoes are slick, not too shiny or matte, the shirt is cool and he’s well groomed. My only question is what was he doing to get it that creased?!?! 

*Marcus from The Chic Geek*

Justin has matured into man who knows his clothes, post the Tom Ford makeover. This is good. The fit is good, colour suits him, if I was going to be picky it is a bit high on the shiny spectrum and obviously creases badly when he sits down, but in his defense you often can’t tell any of this until you put it on.

*Thom from Man Face*

It actually looks as though the shirt underneath might be quite gorgeous but it’s hard to see from squinting and trying to stave off epileptic seizure at the dazzling blue monstrosity, with nothing in sight to attempt to break up the block of colour. Bah-dah-dah-dah-daaah, I’m certainly not lovin’ it; in fact it’s bloody awful. Also worth mentioning, the award aptly looks like a beam of light shining out of an arsehole; make of that what you will.


Who do YOU agree with?

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