July 15, 2014

Couture Autumn 2014: What I’ll be wearing from the collections…

ralph and russo couture 2014 autumn

*Ralph & Russo’s sublime elegance*


Ya’ll know how much I love a dramatic frock, so you can only imagine my excitement when it comes to couture week in Paris. Suffice to say I’m usually screaming and gasping and clutching my head in pure ecstasy either watching a live stream or seeing the images come in ‘instantly’ on Style.com or Nowfashion.com.

And for Autumn 2014, there were some incredible sights. Versace kicked it all off for me with Donatella’s stamp on the construction and deconstruction of gowns, with Jennifer Lopez wearing one of the key pieces from the collection – the ‘tress’ (trouser/dress) (or ‘press’ (pant/dress) if you’re American), sat FROW and looking gorgeous.

I thought I’d just show you all what I’ll be wearing once I’ve put all my couture orders through. There’s a lot here, but you know, I’m a very busy¬†woman¬†person. Lots of outfits needed!

Here goes…

*Atelier Versace*

atelier versace 2014 autumn

*Stephane Rolland’s exquisite architecture*

stephane rolland couture 2014 autumn

*Zuhair Murad, for that Jennifer Lopez moment*

zuhair murad couture 2014 autumn

*Vionnet’s prehistoric amazingness*

vionnet couture 2014 autumn

*Wear the red carpet like Viktor & Rolf*

viktor and rolf couture 2014 autumn

*Elie Saab’s sparkling collection*

Elie saab couture 2014 autumn

*Drama of all drama, Giambattista Valli. Gowns that are so fabulous it hurts!*

giambattista valli couture 2014 autumn

Yours truly, The VSG x

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