May 12, 2015

In love with: Jimmy Choo x Rafael Mantesso collaboration (one for dog lovers)…


First of all, just watch this amazing video for this collaboration with Rafael Mantesso – illustrative artist whose dog, the one featured, is actually called Jimmy Choo…

Amazing, right? Such a clever video, and such an oh-so-cute collection!

So basically, Rafael channeled his unfortunate divorce, an empty house and his English bull terrier – Jimmy Choo – to draw brilliantly clever scenes around his house which included his dog and ended up on his Instagram account. OMG his Instagram account! Can we talk about it for a minute please?

So anyway, Jimmy Choo the brand obviously loved Jimmy Choo the dog, and bish bash bosh… he’s got his own collection! Bags, purses and even little doggy collars.

BEYOND OBSESSED WITH THIS COLLECTION! It’s pre-fall, and will be available on from 15th May.


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Yours truly, The VSG x


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