World’s first social media couture, designed by Christian Siriano…


Last week saw Fashion Rocks – the international charity fundraising event which brings together the fashion and music worlds – descend on New York City with a truly amazing line up. But apart from all the acts (did you SEE Jennifer Lopez?? OMG) and fashions, there was a very special project bubbling along backstage… the first ever social media-based fabric was created, and designer Christian Siriano has created a dress and caped jacket out of the material!

The project was fronted by Verizon, the mobile giants, who encouraged people to Tweet in their thoughts on the music performances and the clothes. The #SocialImprint fabric evolved through certain music words changing the colour, and fashion conversation influencing the pattern. Screens backstage showed the progress.

fashion-rocks-key tell us more:

Every 30 seconds, the eight most popular topics and their associated colors were arranged onto a row of fabric, and from there, the pattern was fed into an industrial printer and produced in real time. “That’s the cool thing, if everyone is talking about Jennifer Lopez and the color assigned to her is turquoise, then the pattern is going to have a ton of turquoise in it,” he said. “We’re creating the print based on what people are loving and what they are reacting to throughout the night, and I think that’s the cool challenge. It’s never been done before and it’s exciting.” (Siriano)

Screen shot 2014-09-21 at 19.34.59

How very Matrix! What a genius project. It was only a matter of time until our social voice created something other than a load of loud internet noise. We’ve seen dresses made from actual mobile phones, so why not progress to the next level? Sceptics might see this is a bit gimmicky, but I do actually love the fabric.  Might this be something that will grow? Maybe we’ll see other designers actually using #SocialImprint to create fabric for their collections?

Alison Bishop, fashion/tech trends consultant said:

The visualization of social data is a trend to watch going into 2015. Tech companies are keen to show how big friendly data can be turned into highly creative, design led projects like this one. The fashion & tech worlds are converging and consumers are beginning to see the benefits of personalization via their data.

An interesting thought! What say you?


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Today I’m Loving… REDValentino’s Snow White heels…

redvalentino disney snow white shoes

OMG – Grumpy (as in, Seven Dwarfs) heels! I know they’re novelty but they’re just soooo amazing! Imagine them with an LBD. Gorgeous. And they come in black too, with a little Dopey Dwarf…

redvalentino disney snow white shoes dopey

Buy them both here at

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Anya Hindmarch SS15: An epic catwalk show, and leather stickers you can buy now!

Trust me, as good as this video is, it doesn’t come close to actually being there, sitting through the most epic, fabulous and probably the most talked about catwalk show of London fashion week. THE BLOODY FLOOR MOVED 360 DEGREES! Pure amazingness! It’ll certainly stay in my memory for a long time. As will the new collection.

Anya Hindmarch does good bag. We know that. She has proved it for years. Her leather goods are probably some of the best on the market. For this current season, autumn winter 2014, it’s all Kellogg’s, Daz and McVitie’s packaging. There are ‘normal’ bags too, don’t worry. Her ‘thing’ is novelty factor, but making it tres chic.

For next season, Anya is all about schoolgirl customization. I know I’m not a BIOLOGICAL girl, but I know you all doodled on your books too – I ‘heart’ (boys name) – and collected stickers. I remember distinctly having a big folder with plastic wallet after plastic wallet with all kinds of stickers stuck to them: furry, glittery, 3D, googly eyes.

Never leather though. Not until now anyway. Anya’s whole shtick for next summer is classroom DIY. Pencil shape clutches, splodges of presumably yukky school pudding and lots and lots of stickers.

All presented on a moving catwalk, which eventually turned into a movie-like trance of day-glo skeleton onesie-wearing dancers, who pushed onto the catwalk huge glow-in-the-dark wire cups with models sitting inside. No, I’m not joking. Maybe this represented day dreaming? As random as it was, it was quite a show!

image-29 image-27image-26image-25 image-24image-28

anya-hindmarch-details-spring-summer-2015-lfw6 anya-hindmarch-details-spring-summer-2015-lfw14 anya-hindmarch-details-spring-summer-2015-lfw7

Oh, and you can buy the Mickey Mouse style thumbs up stickers right now from…

Images: myself and

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Today I’m Loving…

today I'm loving...

1. ASOS White jacquard panel top and trousers

2. Topshop faux fur hem too

3. Marks and Spencer Limited Edition faux leather sweater

4. Osman handbag shift dress at

5. River Island’s Little Black Dress T-shirt dress

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Love Olivia Pope’s (Scandal) wardrobe? It can be all yours!

So when I was in Florida recently, my mum urged us to start watching ABC’s Scandal, with Kerry Washington. Thankfully, Netflix US has it (the UK site doesn’t), so when jet lag took hold, we watched it. And oh boy is it amazing! The first night we started the drama, we watched six episodes, back to back.


Now apart from her neurotic, control freak nature, her infectious work ethic, her kick-ass attitude and her steamy affair with the hunky president, what drew me in to Kerry Washington’s character – Olivia Pope – was her wardrobe. It’s power-woman but very neutral. No prints, no frills. Usually white, grey or black and very tailored. And now, thanks to the genius American retailer The Limited, who has partnered with ABC and Kerry Washington, a 78-piece strong collection – SEVENTY EIGHT – inspired by Kerry’s on-screen wardrobe can be yours.


BxqyrB-CMAA2cLQThe collection will range from $49 to $250 and will include pencil skirts, jackets, big swathed coats, trousers and blouses. Oh and GLOVES. I love Olivia in her gloves, not enough people wear gloves.

I do think The Limited is on to something here though. People are watching more series and box sets now than ever before, there are so many amazing ones to choose from, and the lead characters are usually rather fabulous. Since the days of Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe becoming as important as the four leading ladies (put together by Patricia Field), we’ve become obsessed with emulating character’s wardrobes. It’s not necessarily being a ‘mad fan’, this is more than that. It’s show stylists tapping into the psyche of ‘real’ women, and those women – you watching – taking note of the attention to detail and wanting that lifestyle/home/wardrobe.

I’m thinking Christina Hendricks’ character Joan Harris in Mad Men – actually women have been dressing like her for years now – and Julianna Margulies’ Alicia Florrick in The Good wife. Ooo, what about Rupaul’s Drag Race? (too much?)

Anyway, the collection goes on sale online and in stores on 23rd September. Be sure to check it out!


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Diva Watch: Joan Collins in Vogue Espana…

10624614_10152718237734493_852687560069809532_nErm, how did I only JUST see this? One of my all time favourite women in the world, shot for the biggest fashion magazine in existence and I missed it. I even follow Joan on Twitter! I’m appalled at myself. And you should all be appalled for not telling me, warning me of the pure amazingness of this shoot.

Yes, Joan Collins was featured in Spanish Vogue’s September issue (oh God, that’s a whole issue ago!). Actually, she was THE main feature, with 14 pages dedicated to the diva. Why she wasn’t their cover star is beyond me!

Swathed in some of the most amazing clothes, Joan looked every inch the Hollywood glamourzon, wearing her favourite designers, including Mikael D, Ralph Lauren and Zuhair Murad. Nothing but pure luxury for Ms Collins.

Next time, someone PLEASE tell me. In fact don’t worry, I’ll keep a close eye on her Twitter account from now on!

vogue spain 9 vogue spain 4 0dc5f11ffb70c5ad24bf709185b62bb6 b86bcc4339d3f75b01a64fe825474344 vogue spain 2 BqZYQg9IYAANMgdJoan captioned this pic on Twitter: ‘The Senorita look for Vogue Spain September issue, ole !’

Joan’s two Murad looks from above…

ZuhairMurad_035_1366.1366x2048 ZuhairMurad_018_1366.1366x2048



Rupaul’s Drag Race past contestants collaborate with American Apparel…



Now I KNOW there are at least a few people reading this that are as obsessed with Rupaul’s Drag Race as I am (Guild, I’m looking at you!), and with these three past contestants in particular. So news that Alaska, Courtney Act and Willam Belli have teamed up with American Apparel to release ‘concert’ T-shirts will definitely please a lot of people. It almost rivals Versace x H&M. Almost.

Anyway, the limited edition tees (only 500 will be made of each), which will be available from 29th September, came about when Johnny Makeup worked with Courtney Act and Willam on an online makeover show, ‘Transfashionable’. Each tee is meant to celebrate the queens’ talents and ‘shtick’

Alaska, above: is an alien and recording artist from the planet Glamtr0n [sic]. No one knows her age or species. She was discovered on Earth almost 60 years ago with only a 1972 issue of Vanity Fair and a can of Tab. Alaska cites Divine and Marilyn Monroe as her biggest influences.

Meet Alaska:

COURTNEY ACT_T_MOCKCourtney is from Sydney, Australia, but currently resides in West Hollywood. She enjoys success as a pop singer and has toured around the world with her live show. She cites Oprah Winfrey as her religious leader and keeps a gratitude journal in her honor. Courtney’s hobbies include yoga, meditation, Burning Man, and go-go dancing. Her favorite color is rainbow.

Meet Courtney:

WILLAM_T_MOCKWillam is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She didn’t get into college, but she’s really good at the Internet. She’s achieved viral success from her satirical music videos (such as “Boy Is A Bottom”) on YouTube. Willam loves to make people giggle inappropriately, and her favorite style choice is the Disco Short.

Meet Willam:

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New Vlog: Unisex beauty with BritishBeautyBlogger…

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Acer creates the world’s first ever couture selfie hat…

Acer Selfie 1Did you know that we upload over 17 million selfies a week? We’re a nation obsessed with our own faces! And who doesn’t want to upload the perfect pic? Your best side, the most flattering lighting, the background that will get the most likes…

In an age when it’s all about showing off the very best YOU, it’s very timely that Acer, the computer and tablet experts, have teamed up with fashion designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis to produce this, the world’s first ever selfie hat. And isn’t it just AMAAAZING?

The tablet arm spins 360-degrees and has an integrated Acer Iconia A-1 840 tablet which enables users to find their best angle when taking a selfie. And obviously you can access all your favourite social channels to post the best pic!

Acer Selfie 3

You might actually recognise this hat, and Christian’s name. He dressed Lady Gaga in a head-to-toe pink glittery trouser suit with matching hat, just like this one, but without the built in tablet.


If the hat is a bit too much for you, there are also 10 oh-so-cute limited edition pink sparkly cases for your Acer tablet with little hats in the same style.“We wanted to create something to accompany the hat, so the mini-cases are highly sought after and we’ve already had a few celebrity requests for these exclusive tablets”, explains Cowan-Sanluis.

Acer Selfie 5Acer Selfie 7To find out more or to contact Christian to get your own hat or case, go to his website,


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New York Fashion Week: Prenups, Real Housewives, drag queens and couture nails…


Leave it to all-American designer Betsey Johnson (who, incidentally, starts her run on Dancing With Stars shortly) to have a super fun-packed catwalk. Her spring summer 2015 collection is, if you hadn’t guessed, titled ‘Prenup’, and it’s brilliantly ironic that stars of some of The Real Housewives franchises (including Camille Grammer from Beverly Hills, my favourite), and Betsey’s friends, walked the runway. Some of these uber rich women HAVE prenups, worth millions of dollars. With that in mind, the word was plastered everywhere: around every model’s neck in bling necklaces, and in sparkles on the crop top above. Love it!

What’s more, Betsey had two of the most controversial and talked about contestants from Rupaul’s Drag Race seasons past: Willam Belli and Sharon Needles. Needless to say, I was in awe of the this catwalk. The clothes were really a celebration of the success of Betsey’s bridal line, but also had a political undertone – whoever you are, whatever your sexual preference, marriage is for everyone!

And actually, look past the bling factor and famous faces, and there are pieces that are really quite nice: a floral embroidered, multi-tiered dress, a polka dot skirt, not to mention those necklaces. Where can I pre-order one from?


Camille Grammer, in all her glory!


Above: Willam Belli and below: Sharon Needles from Rupaul’s Drag Race

_LKV4291 betsey-johnson-details-spring-summer-2015-nyfw2 betsey-johnson-details-spring-summer-2015-nyfw41 betsey-johnson-details-spring-summer-2015-nyfw120

 And over at The Blonds, it was all couture nails and massive warrior woman hair. Phillipe and David Blond know a thing or two about celebrity dressing, everyone from Beyonce to Britney and Katy Perry to Nicki Minaj have worn a custom creation or two from them on stage. So it was no surprise that for their spring summer 2014 collection they had to do something even bigger to grab attention… Just look at those nails!

BxN7YjiIQAABsqIDesigned bespoke by world renowned nail experts CND, they are some of the best I’ve ever seen. Obviously completely impractical, but it’s all for show. Chains hanging, rose petals attached and bling embellishments stuck on, they are just utterly mesmerizing!

BxOF_iWIIAArR1n BxOCEgoIMAAZYsy BxN_Bh7IAAAwjvh BxN8627IAAEEvmZBxNYzuKIUAAR-ueBxOQSFfIcAEyVXrthe-blonds-spring-summer-2015-nyfw25

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