Rupaul’s Drag Race past contestants collaborate with American Apparel…



Now I KNOW there are at least a few people reading this that are as obsessed with Rupaul’s Drag Race as I am (Guild, I’m looking at you!), and with these three past contestants in particular. So news that Alaska, Courtney Act and Willam Belli have teamed up with American Apparel to release ‘concert’ T-shirts will definitely please a lot of people. It almost rivals Versace x H&M. Almost.

Anyway, the limited edition tees (only 500 will be made of each), which will be available from 29th September, came about when Johnny Makeup worked with Courtney Act and Willam on an online makeover show, ‘Transfashionable’. Each tee is meant to celebrate the queens’ talents and ‘shtick’

Alaska, above: is an alien and recording artist from the planet Glamtr0n [sic]. No one knows her age or species. She was discovered on Earth almost 60 years ago with only a 1972 issue of Vanity Fair and a can of Tab. Alaska cites Divine and Marilyn Monroe as her biggest influences.

Meet Alaska:

COURTNEY ACT_T_MOCKCourtney is from Sydney, Australia, but currently resides in West Hollywood. She enjoys success as a pop singer and has toured around the world with her live show. She cites Oprah Winfrey as her religious leader and keeps a gratitude journal in her honor. Courtney’s hobbies include yoga, meditation, Burning Man, and go-go dancing. Her favorite color is rainbow.

Meet Courtney:

WILLAM_T_MOCKWillam is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She didn’t get into college, but she’s really good at the Internet. She’s achieved viral success from her satirical music videos (such as “Boy Is A Bottom”) on YouTube. Willam loves to make people giggle inappropriately, and her favorite style choice is the Disco Short.

Meet Willam:

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New Vlog: Unisex beauty with BritishBeautyBlogger…

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Acer creates the world’s first ever couture selfie hat…

Acer Selfie 1Did you know that we upload over 17 million selfies a week? We’re a nation obsessed with our own faces! And who doesn’t want to upload the perfect pic? Your best side, the most flattering lighting, the background that will get the most likes…

In an age when it’s all about showing off the very best YOU, it’s very timely that Acer, the computer and tablet experts, have teamed up with fashion designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis to produce this, the world’s first ever selfie hat. And isn’t it just AMAAAZING?

The tablet arm spins 360-degrees and has an integrated Acer Iconia A-1 840 tablet which enables users to find their best angle when taking a selfie. And obviously you can access all your favourite social channels to post the best pic!

Acer Selfie 3

You might actually recognise this hat, and Christian’s name. He dressed Lady Gaga in a head-to-toe pink glittery trouser suit with matching hat, just like this one, but without the built in tablet.


If the hat is a bit too much for you, there are also 10 oh-so-cute limited edition pink sparkly cases for your Acer tablet with little hats in the same style.“We wanted to create something to accompany the hat, so the mini-cases are highly sought after and we’ve already had a few celebrity requests for these exclusive tablets”, explains Cowan-Sanluis.

Acer Selfie 5Acer Selfie 7To find out more or to contact Christian to get your own hat or case, go to his website,


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New York Fashion Week: Prenups, Real Housewives, drag queens and couture nails…


Leave it to all-American designer Betsey Johnson (who, incidentally, starts her run on Dancing With Stars shortly) to have a super fun-packed catwalk. Her spring summer 2015 collection is, if you hadn’t guessed, titled ‘Prenup’, and it’s brilliantly ironic that stars of some of The Real Housewives franchises (including Camille Grammer from Beverly Hills, my favourite), and Betsey’s friends, walked the runway. Some of these uber rich women HAVE prenups, worth millions of dollars. With that in mind, the word was plastered everywhere: around every model’s neck in bling necklaces, and in sparkles on the crop top above. Love it!

What’s more, Betsey had two of the most controversial and talked about contestants from Rupaul’s Drag Race seasons past: Willam Belli and Sharon Needles. Needless to say, I was in awe of the this catwalk. The clothes were really a celebration of the success of Betsey’s bridal line, but also had a political undertone – whoever you are, whatever your sexual preference, marriage is for everyone!

And actually, look past the bling factor and famous faces, and there are pieces that are really quite nice: a floral embroidered, multi-tiered dress, a polka dot skirt, not to mention those necklaces. Where can I pre-order one from?


Camille Grammer, in all her glory!


Above: Willam Belli and below: Sharon Needles from Rupaul’s Drag Race

_LKV4291 betsey-johnson-details-spring-summer-2015-nyfw2 betsey-johnson-details-spring-summer-2015-nyfw41 betsey-johnson-details-spring-summer-2015-nyfw120

 And over at The Blonds, it was all couture nails and massive warrior woman hair. Phillipe and David Blond know a thing or two about celebrity dressing, everyone from Beyonce to Britney and Katy Perry to Nicki Minaj have worn a custom creation or two from them on stage. So it was no surprise that for their spring summer 2014 collection they had to do something even bigger to grab attention… Just look at those nails!

BxN7YjiIQAABsqIDesigned bespoke by world renowned nail experts CND, they are some of the best I’ve ever seen. Obviously completely impractical, but it’s all for show. Chains hanging, rose petals attached and bling embellishments stuck on, they are just utterly mesmerizing!

BxOF_iWIIAArR1n BxOCEgoIMAAZYsy BxN_Bh7IAAAwjvh BxN8627IAAEEvmZBxNYzuKIUAAR-ueBxOQSFfIcAEyVXrthe-blonds-spring-summer-2015-nyfw25

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Sophie Hulme’s bag monsters now available!

445897_in_pp 468370_in_pp

Back in April I blogged about Sophie Hulmes oh-so-cute little bag monsters (here), and now, thankfully, you can get yourself one right now! These two are from Net-A-Porter, in shearling and leather, but there are others available on different sites.

I know we’ve been inundated with Fendi’s Bag Bugs, but it seems we simply can’t get enough of novelty bag accessories! I do love Sophie’s options though, they look like little personalities with their googly eyes! They do come in different colours, but I guess we’ll see those further into the season.

Shop them here


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Today I’m Loving… Lulu Guinness for Uniqlo!

The queen of kitsch, Lulu Guinness, is back with another amaaaazing collection with high street giant Uniqlo. I actually think this is her best yet, with everything from painted nails to lipsticks and her iconic lip print too.

It’s an online exclusive, and just for women, but I say it’s definitely unisex. Off to order that blue sweater with the hands right now!


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Buy the brand new Versus Versace/Anthony Vaccarello collecsh NOW!

Blimey. Jesus. Christ.

Sorry sorry sorry, I’m just in total awe of this new Versus collection. And it’s fresh off the catwalk and ready to buy. Not even 24 hours later (the fashion show was last night) and some of the most amazing pieces are up for grabs. I’m still not totally sure how I feel about being able to shop a new season collection almost a year before ‘general’ release, but having said that, if I was a woman, I’d sure be bankrupt right about now!

Tim Blanks, of, wrote in his review: ‘He (Anthony Vaccarello) certainly acquitted himself admirably with a collection that managed to be Versus in style and Versace in attitude.’ This is EXACTLY it. A perfect description.

So ladies, BUY BUY BUY…

KIM_105203C409780006_1Geometric mesh panel dress


KIM_094203C432780003_1Versace print denim jacket


KIM_1094   03C409780003_1Cage mini dress


KIM_115803C420780003_1Leather panel skirt


KIM_083803C409780005_1Asymmetric cut out dress



Open skirt dress with Aztec panel


More from the collection…


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Kim Kardashian does her ice bucket challenge… in Balmain! (obvs)

It was only a matter of time really wasn’t it? And trust Ellen to be the one to actually chuck the water over Kim Kardashian. I say chuck, but as you can see in this little clip, it’s more of a slow pour, for our amusement obviously!

But not only is Kim wearing this truly amazing Balmain blazer, which retailed at over £1500, she’s also in an Alaia bodysuit (over £500) and her fabulous Maticevski wrap skit which was about £520. So over £2500 of soaked gorgeousness. This must be the most expensive ice bucket challenge yet. Only Kimmie, huh?

I do actually love this look on Kim, wet or dry. It’s structured to an inch of its life, which seems the best fit for Mrs West. Here’s what it looked like pre-Ellen drenching…


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Today I’m Loving… more Moschino Cheap & Chic trompe l’oeil prints…

moschino cheap and chic


If they are going to keep releasing these amazing prints, I’m going to keep on talking about them! They are just so darling!

You might remember I posted something about a few amazing dresses from Moschino Cheap & Chic not long ago (here), and this dress and top are equally as gorgeous!


Get the dress here, and the top here (both at

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My American Diary: Disney, Versace mansion and more…

IMG_4904Outside the W Hotel, Miami. Wearing: New Look T-shirt, Libertine Libertine trousers, Louboutin sandals and ASOS sunnies

For anyone who follows me on Twitter or Instagram, you’d know that the last two weeks have been holiday time for me. You may have even seen my outfit post from Disney World? (see here). I apologize now for maybe over doing it with the pictures and screaming excitement in 140 characters, but there was just SO many amazing things on the way.

I jetted off with the rest of the Gs to Florida. We took the nephew to Disney, Universal and Epcot (suffice to say I won’t be visiting a theme park for a VERY long time now), we relaxed in Boca Raton, had fun in Miami and jetted home via New York for a night and a day. It was certainly fun filled and jam-packed, I could actually write a whole comedy show just on Disney itself.

Here are a few pictures from the two weeks. Obviously these are just the fashion-y shots, I do take pictures of other things you know! (sometimes).

IMG_5031In the lobby: The gorgeous Boca Beach Club hotel entrance art work above, and view belowIMG_5030

IMG_5029 IMG_5028

The room: Bags with a view, from the room, the best stocked mini bar I’ve seen, the gorgeous bathroom and the chic Salvatore Ferragamo products (obvs they came home with us too!)

IMG_5027 IMG_5026

IMG_4665Above: Mary, the nephew and I. This was obviously a highlight for me, and a life long ambition. (I’m wearing a KTZ tee by the way)

Below: Another day, another outfit: Blood Brother T-shirt, River Island shorts


The Villa by Barton G, Versace Mansion… obviously this was a massive highlight for me. Just briefly, Gianni Versace owned, lived and died in this house. He was shot on the steps outside it in 1997. Since then, it has been bought and sold and bought again and is now an amazing hotel, with 10 exquisitely designed bedrooms.

We were shown around the mansion, and one of the bedrooms. The bedroom of all bedrooms, Gianni’s actual room. With Versace curtains, a nine foot bed, a Roman statue in the bathroom and hand painted wall and ceiling decorations. It was, in no uncertain terms, typically and amazingly Versace.

Remember that picture of Beyonce standing on the Versace Medusa head mosaic floor? Yep, that was in the Villa. And the swimming pool? That’s lined in 24 karat gold. It’s an exceptional building that is a must see if you’re in town. And the fairly new restaurant, Il Sole, is just gorgeous too, see below inside the restaurant.

IMG_5052 IMG_5051IMG_4891IMG_5049

image-17image-18IMG_5050IMG_5047villa barton g versace mansion

    The Webster… Miami’s finest multi brand store, stocking some of the best designers for men and women. From Chanel to Celine, Balmain to Lanvin, there’s literally EVERYTHING here. What’s more, the buliding itself is a piece of art, and inside is just amazing too.

Obviously I tried on the whole shop, some of my favourites below (Givenchy, and two Lanvins). Mummy G went crazy here too, loving everything! One of the best details of the Webster… the carrier bags. Scroll down to look, there’s flamingos, and you know how obsessed I am with the bird!

IMG_5046image-20IMG_5044IMG_5045IMG_5043IMG_5042IMG_5040IMG_5041IMG_5039 IMG_5038 IMG_5037 IMG_5036 IMG_5035 IMG_5034 IMG_5033 image-19

Another Miami outfit: Urban Outfitters Renewal shirt, Westwood shorts, River Island shoes and Sophie Hulme whistle necklace



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