Today I’m Loving… these HUGE clutch bags


Was just perusing Net-A-Porter, as we all like to do once in a… day, and literally gasped out loud when I saw these INCREDIBLE finds. Both are by Vlisco, a heritage textile company, and are part of their ‘Atelier’.

I just LOVE their playfulness, and I do firmly believe every woman needs a clutch bag as big as her in her wardrobe.


Buy here…


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Diva Watch: Aretha Franklin covers Adele’s Rolling In The Deep…

Don’t need to say much about this really, apart form how epic it is. And how flattered Adele must be right about now. And also how amazing Aretha sounds on this cover version. So actually quite a lot to say really!

Anyway, enjoy!


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Would you wear a Kim and Kanye sweater?


I wasn’t joking! For spring summer next year, Ashish – he of the daytime sequin – is urging us all to be team Kim and Kanye. Or is it a clever, underhanded, ironic jib at the queen of reality and Kim (get it??). Whatever he’s trying to say, Ashish is doing so loud and clear.

I don’t really associate Ashish with trends per se. Yes, there was yellow, denim and some fringing within his new collection – all of which we’ve seen multiple times on the catwalks over the last month – but these are Ashish signatures no matter what the season.

No, I think Ashish has gone beyond trends. It’s all about fabulous wearability. He’s telling us it’s OK to wear sequins during the day (in the form of track pants and vests), and he is taking face illustrations (another mini-trend) and pop art references to the next level with his poppers sweater, sequined faces on jeans and Miley and her tongue on a jumper.

So, would you wear a Kim and Kanye sweater?? I think I just might!

ashish-details-spring-summer-2015-lfw35 ashish-details-spring-summer-2015-lfw68 ashish-details-spring-summer-2015-lfw72 ashish-details-spring-summer-2015-lfw75 ashish-details-spring-summer-2015-lfw76

Shop Ashish here

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London Fashion Week: Osman answers five questions…

osman 2015 spring summer london fashion week

If you walk through the women’s floor of Selfridges there are a few rails that you are likely to stop at to marvel over every single piece. Osman is definitely one of them. In six shorts years, Osman Yousefzada has completely won over all you ladies.

It’s a cliche, but he really does know how to dress a woman. Walking out of his spring summer 2015 show last week, me and a friend were gushing over the collection. She turned to me and said that one of her friends was looking for an amazing strapless bustier top. The friend is 6 feet tall with a curvy figure. It was Osman she was going to recommend.

osman 2 2015 spring summer london fashion week

For a few years now, Amex has worked with designers to create a ‘uniform’ for their Insiders during fashion week. The Amex Insiders are there to make everyone’s life a little bit easier: times for the next show, where your next latte is coming from and how to book a cab quickly to race over to the next venue. This season it was Osman’s turn, and I’m not just saying this, but his hand-painted kimono jacket has to be the best Insider look ever!


Thanks to Amex, I actually own one of these kimono jackets now (I’ve been told I have one of only 15 made!), I’ll do an outfit post with it soon, and I can confirm that it’s just as amazing as his ready to wear pieces. Just gorgeous.

I got to ask Osman five quick questions after his show. Here’s what he had to say…

Me: Working with Amex to dress their Insiders must have been different to anything else you’ve done… how did you decide on the kimono jacket?

Osman: Fashion can be a uniform and so I approached dressing the Amex Insiders with this as the central thought.  In designing this bespoke piece I wanted to celebrate individuality but still make sure it was a cohesive and uniform look.  The kimono silhouette was the perfect starting point.

Me: You did have a kimono jacket in the new SS15 collection, was the Amex Insider jacket a continuation of sorts from the new collection?

Osman: The kimono silhouette is a staple OSMAN piece that I have been doing for a while. My approach to design has also been to perfect the silhouette and then to allow an element of whimsy, but I always retain an elegance and purity. In designing for the Amex Insiders I really wanted to customise the perfect frame of the kimono with a hand painted print.  I was drawn to the idea of freedom and adventure and created a hand-painted brushstroke print to represent a feeling of spontaneity and fluidity.

Me: I loved your inspiration book left on the seats at the show, exoticism is obviously key to this collection, but who is the Osman SS15 lady?

Osman: I love exoticism, opulence and the idea of far flung places, so the Osman SS15 woman embodies this sense of adventure.  She is intelligent, strong, creative and not a slave to trends – she has a strong sense of personal style.  She appreciates the understated value of ‘norm core’, but also has flash of ingenuity and inspiration in her approach to dressing.

Me: Fringing and patchwork are two trends evident for next spring, how did you come to your choices though? Your fringing was quite amazing!

Osman: Fringing and patchwork have both always been key elements in exoticism and opulence.  Both motifs exude a sense of caravansary and have a distinct voyager element to them, but for SS15 I wanted to take these pieces into a more sophisticated world, where the fringing was elevated and the patchwork felt luxurious.

Me: When it comes to red carpet dressing, is this something at the top of your mind, or do you just let your PR team deal with it? How do you feel when you see your designs on the red carpet?

Osman: My main objective is to flatter the female form and to enhance it.  This is always my main objective.  Ultimately, I make sure you see the woman first, before you see the dress.  I do this by focusing on cut.  This understated glamour, which is modern and clean, works well for the red carpet.  It’s always great to see beautiful, iconic women in OSMAN.

osman spring summer 2015 london fashion week

Yours truly, The VSG x


Today I’m Loving… River Island’s uber glam faux fur coat


This faux-fur cuff coat is just sooo Joan Collins! Absolutely love it, and all its glamour.

It’s part of River Island’s collaboration with Liz Black for their Design Forum and retails at £100.

Buy it here

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Le Labo release their exclusive city fragrances for limited time only!

I love fragrances, you all know that, I’m always going on about the newest Oud that has taken my fancy. I have many MANY amazing bottles that I alternate between. But nothing has really ever come close to Le Labo, in particular my favourite, Santal 33.

Whenever I wear Santal I get asked, more so than with any other fragrance, what it is. People try and guess, but they never get it right. I love its ambiguity. The 33 stands for 33 ingredients (this is true with all of their fragrances), so you can imagine how amazing it smells.

I went to see Le Labo a few months ago and found out that for every city they are stocked in, there is a specially designed fragrance for that city. What’s more, those scents can not be bought from any other country but the one they are made for. Not online. Nothing. So when I saw on Liberty London’s Instagram account the other day that for a limited period (ends 6th October) they are stocking nine of the cities, I was straight there to smell all of them.

My God they are good!

Here’s the list:

Baie Rose 26: Chicago

Cuir 28: Dubai

Gaiac 10: Tokyo

Limette 37: San Francisco

Musc 25: Los Angeles

Poivre 23: London

Tubereuse 40: New York

Vanille 44: Paris

Benjoin 19: Moscow

Prices: 50ml: £190 100ml: £276. Available from Liberty (here) and Le Labo stores.

GO SMELL THEM! Chicago and Dubai are my favourites.


Yours truly, The VSG x


World’s first social media couture, designed by Christian Siriano…


Last week saw Fashion Rocks – the international charity fundraising event which brings together the fashion and music worlds – descend on New York City with a truly amazing line up. But apart from all the acts (did you SEE Jennifer Lopez?? OMG) and fashions, there was a very special project bubbling along backstage… the first ever social media-based fabric was created, and designer Christian Siriano has created a dress and caped jacket out of the material!

The project was fronted by Verizon, the mobile giants, who encouraged people to Tweet in their thoughts on the music performances and the clothes. The #SocialImprint fabric evolved through certain music words changing the colour, and fashion conversation influencing the pattern. Screens backstage showed the progress.

fashion-rocks-key tell us more:

Every 30 seconds, the eight most popular topics and their associated colors were arranged onto a row of fabric, and from there, the pattern was fed into an industrial printer and produced in real time. “That’s the cool thing, if everyone is talking about Jennifer Lopez and the color assigned to her is turquoise, then the pattern is going to have a ton of turquoise in it,” he said. “We’re creating the print based on what people are loving and what they are reacting to throughout the night, and I think that’s the cool challenge. It’s never been done before and it’s exciting.” (Siriano)

Screen shot 2014-09-21 at 19.34.59

How very Matrix! What a genius project. It was only a matter of time until our social voice created something other than a load of loud internet noise. We’ve seen dresses made from actual mobile phones, so why not progress to the next level? Sceptics might see this is a bit gimmicky, but I do actually love the fabric.  Might this be something that will grow? Maybe we’ll see other designers actually using #SocialImprint to create fabric for their collections?

Alison Bishop, fashion/tech trends consultant said:

The visualization of social data is a trend to watch going into 2015. Tech companies are keen to show how big friendly data can be turned into highly creative, design led projects like this one. The fashion & tech worlds are converging and consumers are beginning to see the benefits of personalization via their data.

An interesting thought! What say you?


Yours truly, The VSG x


Today I’m Loving… REDValentino’s Snow White heels…

redvalentino disney snow white shoes

OMG – Grumpy (as in, Seven Dwarfs) heels! I know they’re novelty but they’re just soooo amazing! Imagine them with an LBD. Gorgeous. And they come in black too, with a little Dopey Dwarf…

redvalentino disney snow white shoes dopey

Buy them both here at

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Anya Hindmarch SS15: An epic catwalk show, and leather stickers you can buy now!

Trust me, as good as this video is, it doesn’t come close to actually being there, sitting through the most epic, fabulous and probably the most talked about catwalk show of London fashion week. THE BLOODY FLOOR MOVED 360 DEGREES! Pure amazingness! It’ll certainly stay in my memory for a long time. As will the new collection.

Anya Hindmarch does good bag. We know that. She has proved it for years. Her leather goods are probably some of the best on the market. For this current season, autumn winter 2014, it’s all Kellogg’s, Daz and McVitie’s packaging. There are ‘normal’ bags too, don’t worry. Her ‘thing’ is novelty factor, but making it tres chic.

For next season, Anya is all about schoolgirl customization. I know I’m not a BIOLOGICAL girl, but I know you all doodled on your books too – I ‘heart’ (boys name) – and collected stickers. I remember distinctly having a big folder with plastic wallet after plastic wallet with all kinds of stickers stuck to them: furry, glittery, 3D, googly eyes.

Never leather though. Not until now anyway. Anya’s whole shtick for next summer is classroom DIY. Pencil shape clutches, splodges of presumably yukky school pudding and lots and lots of stickers.

All presented on a moving catwalk, which eventually turned into a movie-like trance of day-glo skeleton onesie-wearing dancers, who pushed onto the catwalk huge glow-in-the-dark wire cups with models sitting inside. No, I’m not joking. Maybe this represented day dreaming? As random as it was, it was quite a show!

image-29 image-27image-26image-25 image-24image-28

anya-hindmarch-details-spring-summer-2015-lfw6 anya-hindmarch-details-spring-summer-2015-lfw14 anya-hindmarch-details-spring-summer-2015-lfw7

Oh, and you can buy the Mickey Mouse style thumbs up stickers right now from…

Images: myself and

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Today I’m Loving…

today I'm loving...

1. ASOS White jacquard panel top and trousers

2. Topshop faux fur hem too

3. Marks and Spencer Limited Edition faux leather sweater

4. Osman handbag shift dress at

5. River Island’s Little Black Dress T-shirt dress

Yours truly, The VSG x