Thou Shalt Pose: Orbs and Dolly…


What better backdrop to show off me new wears than Ellenborough Park in the Cotswolds? This hotel is AMAZING (and dog friendly). It’s a gorgeous 15th Century pile out in the country, near the top of Cleeve Hill (the highest point in the Cotswolds) with loads of original features, some of the best suites I’ve ever seen and gorgeous views.

Well, that’s the hotel out the way. Now onto the clothes…

When I saw these Vivienne Westwood Anglomania all-over Orb print jeans, I knew they had to be mine. As a staunch Westwood fan, you can imagine how epic these are to me. I did however struggle to find something to wear with them. I’m not afraid of prints – OBVIOUSLY – however everything I put with them just looked… messy. Hence why I came to the decision of Dolly!

She solves everything. And this T-shirt, bought for me by The Very Mummy G in actual Tennessee (Dolly’s home town), was the best match. And I’d wanted to shoot this mesh bomber jacket from River Island for a long time too, so what better moment?

The clutch is also Vivienne Westwood, her signature squiggle print, and is part of her Africa collection, the shoes are Bertie, crown ring is King Baby, black stone ring is my engagement ring, bracelet Topman, watch Daniel Wellington (see products below).


ellenborough park 1  IMG_0828 IMG_0835 IMG_0846 IMG_0860 IMG_0864 IMG_0877 IMG_0949 IMG_0958 IMG_1042 IMG_0816 IMG_0831

 With thanks to Ellenborough Park, Dhillon my fashion dawg, my other half for the pictures and River Island for the mesh jacket

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Today I’m Loving… Stella Jean’s swallows



They’re just so mesmerizing! Buy here at


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Chanel milk powder anyone? Or maybe some Prada flour?

2 4

When creative and advertising guru Paddy Mergui became interested in design and promotion within our consumer culture, it lead to a rather wonderful exhibition of his take on luxury packaging. From Hermes salt and pepper sachets to Versace eggs, and amazing Prada flour to Burberry noodles, he has thought of everything.

‘Wheat is Wheat is Wheat’, the name of the exhibition, is shown at the Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco until June 15th, so if you’re around town, it’s definitely a MUST. For those, like me, who sadly won’t be over in the States, take a look at more from the exhibition below.

On Paddy’s site, it says of the collection of work:

By infusing the packaging of our most basic commodities with values of prestige and luxury, Wheat is Wheat is Wheat explores the dynamic and often blurred ethical boundaries of design within consumer culture. This exhibition is meant to highlight the challenges a designer faces when tasked with promoting economic interests while remaining true to his or her own moral compass.

I know it’s probably the wrong thing to say, taking into account why Paddy has created this exhibition, but… wouldn’t it be FABULOUS to have all these things to buy??? Ooops!

It’s an interesting look at how we view luxury brands and their impact on our every day lives. It makes you think… what if?

1 6 7 9 12 noodles3 products_12 salami3

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Sophie Hulme’s new breed of bag monsters for next season…

sophie hulme bag monsters aw14

Yes, Fendi may have stolen the market with their bag bugs, but it seems that everyone’s favourite (newish) accessory designer, Sophie Hulme, is set to take over with her new breed of bag monsters.

Fashionistas across the globe have gone WILD for googly eyed bag charms, and actually Sophie Hulme has already released some  in the last few months, but it seems for Autumn/Winter this year we are going to be eaten up (excuse the pun) by her novelty – and, may I add, incredibly fabulous and fun – bag monsters.

They just make you smile, which is the first hurdle with novelty pieces like these. The second being making them high enough quality to last, and Hulme is an expert with leather, so these zip up coin holders(?) will more than likely stand the test of time (we hope).

image (13)image (12)image (15)

What’s more, we will see more of Hulme’s experimentation with colour with these stripes (when she launched, it was all about block colours), different shapes (rounder edges, which is something very different for her), and more smaller leather accessories too. It’s all just so infectious, exactly like her first generation of bags were.

More Hulme triumphs me thinks!

image (16) image (17) image (18) image (20)


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The VERY best dressed celebs of the week (including two Balmain looks)…

best dressed celebs of the week chloe moretz kim kardashian

Chloe Moretz leads the way this week in this oh-so-pretty Christopher Kane look. His petals pretty much define this season (and this blog, look down at my Today I’m Loving), and they look great on her! Get her jumper from Browns here and skirt from The Corner.

This is like the third week that Shailene Woodley makes my best dressed, and don’t you think she looks amazing here at the MTV Movie Awards? This is head-to-toe Balmain pre-fall 2014. It’s not the most summery colour or cut, but it’s super chic and youthful all at the same time.

And the second Balmain look of the week, Kim Kardashian, out and about in Paris. Now I realise that this isn’t the most ideal dress for the day, but I absolutely love it. She has had loads of column inches about whether Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing will design her wedding dress, and after her triple outing in his designs, I think the answer is most definitely yes.

Lastly, and new in from last night,  in this gorgeous Roksanda Ilincic dress (here at Selfridges) is model Karolina Kurkova. What perfect colours on her, and the wrap detailing is just amazing! A real winner!

Who’s YOUR fav?


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Cher appears in ELLE magazine’s Women In Music issue…


I’m so pleased that ELLE magazine included one of the word’s most amazing divas in their Women In Music issue. My queen, Cher. After dedicating nearly 50 years to the industry, she deserves to be on every hall of fame possible!

When asked about being called a legend, Cher said:

“I hate that word. Legend, icon, diva. I hate all those fucking words. They’re meaningless. I prefer Cher.”

And with her Dressed To Kill tour fully underway (WHEN is she coming to London?) – and apparently this being most definitely her last – let’s just call her whatever she wants.


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Today I’m Loving… Christopher Kane’s arrows


Just completely obsessed with this dress! Buy now from FarFetch

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Meet the Moschino ‘McSchino’ collection and more…

moschino aw14 collection jeremy scott

Thousands of column inches have been dedicated to Jeremy Scott’s first ever catwalk collection for Moschino. When he of the winged trainer was named creative head of the House, we knew we were in for a fun ride. This is the man who sent googly eyes, Bart Simpson and slogans like ‘I’m A Mess’ and ‘Milk Kills’ down the catwalk.

For Autumn Winter, Jeremy turned his love for junk culture (and food) into some couture. Meet the McSchino collection, including a slightly skewed golden arches, yellow plastic chain detail and classic fast food uniform vibe (shop some of the collection here at LuisaViaRoma).The whole collection is sugary-sweet novelty (the SpongeBob SquarePants stuff, as Tim Blanks said, was a tad too predictable from Scott), which struck chords with everyone really. It all evoked childhood memories, some more recent than others (Rita Ora is 23-years-old after all), but all very much loved.

Some love it, some may hate it, but one thing’s for sure, no one will ever forget Jeremy Scott’s first catwalk collection for Moschino.

IMG_1099 IMG_1100 IMG_1101IMG_1120

moschino aw14 mcdonalds


moschino aw14 jeremy scott


***From Moschino Cheap & Chic***

IMG_1105 IMG_1106


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Something for the fashion dogs: Pooch & Mutt treats…


OK, so these amazing doggy treats aren’t just for fashion dogs, they’re for ALL pooches, but it just so happens that they are Dhilly’s favourites. The lovely people at Pooch & Mutt sent him these three to try out, and here’s what he had to say about them:

I’m a really fussy eater, hence why Dad has put me on a raw food diet, and usually I hate the treats he gives me, but these are just yummy! I could eat them all day long. The Fresh Breath ones are my favourites, and at night I love a couple of the Calm & Relaxed bites. Whenever I see that lovely bright packaging, I go nuts and start crying for the deliciousness inside!


So there you have it, right from the doggy’s mouth. These really are amazing, and are all hand-baked, gluten-free and low-calorie. And the packaging really is very nice, like Dhilly said… he knows exactly what they are now. Check out the full range on their site,

Yours truly, The Very Dhilly G x


The VERY best dressed celebs of the week… (Including Emma Stone in THAT suit)

best dressed celebs of the week thandie newton kim kardashian emma stone nicole kidman

First of all, I love Thandie Newton for wearing and championing a British designer on the red carpet – Osman – and secondly I love love love this dress. It’s a an LBD with an… eye. Not only is the arty eye gorgeous and stand-out, but I really think the cut is great on her.

Next, and not one I talk about much on this blog anymore (for those who have been reading for a while, a did used to have a tab dedicated to her), is Kim Kardashian. So, I do really love her style at the moment – post-baby it has gotten a LOT better – and this all-black, masculine look is gorgeous. The draped trousers are by Faith Connexion (here), as is the blazer. She likes the whole trouser/blazer look, and it’s a particularly good one for her. She looks fab here.

Emma Stone is having a GREAT run on the red carpet for the premiere of her new Spider Man film. Here, on Wednesday, she chose to wear this double-breasted suit by Saint Laurent in London for a photo call. It’s so power-woman, sharp and amazing on her. A great choice!

Lastly, Nicole Kidman. When she looks good, I have to shout about it because for me, she never really looks THAT amazing. Yes, she wears some gorgeous gowns, but sometimes I think they just aren’t right for her. Here though, on the Queen Latifah show, Nicole looked STUNNING in this Peter Pilotto dress. This is exactly the shape (length, sleeves, neck) dress she should always don. Truly stunning.


Who’s YOUR favourite?


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