Diva Watch: Jackie Collins and her makeup bags…

married-ladies-kick-ass-makeup-bagDid you know that Jackie Collins’ daughter, Tiffany Lerman, has her own bag brand? It’s called Pattern (a play on her name, she’s known as TT to her friends and family) and is a fun collection of printed and plain totes, baby bags and backpacks.

Well, for Christmas, Tiffany and her fabulous mother have collaborated on three makeup bags that basically embody all of Jackie’s books in three fun slogans: ‘Married Ladies Kick Ass’ – because let’s face it, all her married lady characters DO, ‘Single Girls Rule’ – because all her single gals DO, and ‘Lady Boss’ – the title of the third Santangelo novel which was made into a mini-series, all about Lucky, the powerful lady boss and Jackie’s most famous character.

I know what I’m buying all my married, single and lady boss girlfriends for Christmas!

They retail at $29 and can be shipped internationally. Buy them from Jackie’s online store here.



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Skinted//Minted: Topshop and Isabel Marant sweaters…

skinted minted topshop isabel marant


Don’t leave the house without a monochrome sweater this winter. And if you can’t quite stretch to Isabel Marant’s price tag, then maybe Topshop’s patterned option takes your fancy?

SKINTED: Topshop’s monochrome sweater

MINTED: Isabel Marant’s knitted sweater

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Today I’m Loving…

today i'm loving river island miss selfridge gucci sunglasses asos fornasetti whistles


Miss Selfridge snake jacquard culottes

River Island khaki faux fur woolen jacket

ASOS ELKO shoe boots

Fornasetti Malachite scented candle, exclusive to Selfridges

Whistles owl clutch

Gucci Aviator-style AMAZING sunnies

Yours truly, The VSG x


New: Ways2Wear… Boohoo’s knitted bomber jacket

image (15)Welcome to a new feature on the blog, Ways2Wear. As the name suggests, it’s all about different ways to wear a particular something, be it a knitted bomber like this one, a pair of shoes, a top, anything really! But I didn’t want to do it alone, so I asked a good friend of mine, Samuel from Styleoversubstances.com, if he’d help me with this feature.

Thank God he agreed, because he happens to have amazing style! We’ll be choosing bits from the high street and designers too, to bring a variety of wardrobe essentials.

So here’s our first of hopefully many Ways2Wear. As I said, this one is all about Boohoo.com’s knitted bomber jacket. Ordinarily I don’t wear bomber jackets, I just think they make me look boxy, so I do love this new take on them.

Samuel wears: Fendi jeans, Marc by Marc Jacobs embroidered tee and Nike Lunarglide 6 trainers.

I’m wearing: Ragged Priest longline tee, Vivienne Westwood jeans and a little badge on the jacket, and Shane + Shawn shoes.

boohoo ways2wear 1 boohoo ways2wear IMG_3056 IMG_2954


Yours truly, The VSG x


The Very Thought Of It: A naked Kim Kardashian…


‘Break The Internet ‘ reads the cover of Paper magazine, just underneath a shiny, oiled-up prime Kardashian rump. But in actual fact, Kim Kardashian has ‘broken’ the internet before. One word… Vogue.

The difference is, one cover portrays a bridal Kim, enveloped in a cheesy embrace from hubby Kanye, the other is a post-wedding Kim, flashing her most famous asset which, surely by now, has its own zip code. It certainly turns hubby on, he Tweeted the cover image with just the caption #ALLDAY, which led to over 78,400 re-tweets and him in a Viagra-induced state.

Oh, and it has knocked every other news piece this week off the top spot. Not even a probe landing on a comet after a 10-year journey has as many column inches.

The very fact that I’m writing this – and to be honest with you, lovely reader, I still don’t know firstly, why I’m writing this, and secondly, what I actually feel about this magazine shoot – just adds to the ‘brokenness’ of the internet, adds to the coverage that team Kim was hoping for, and in turn lines her pockets even more. Kim is a VERY clever lady.

So many people have lamented how, in fact, she’s the opposite. I’ve heard words like dumb, stupid, idiot, talentless. The latter, as Kim has intimated in the past, is very true. She has no talent, apart from trying to convince people she used to be a stylist, pre-sex tape. And in actual fact, if she does still self-style, then yes, she has that talent.

But she can’t sing. She can’t act. She can’t write (Instagram captions and 140-character snippets DON’T count). She can’t juggle. And, I can say this because I’ve interviewed her twice, she can’t really hold people’s attention. What she is talented at though, and therefore proving that she may not be that thick, is making coins, dough, gold, the green stuff.

This isn’t about her money though, it’s about her bottom, her boobs and her, erm, lady garden (or lack of).

Waking up to the image of Kim’s shiny bum was a shock. And that’s exactly what the Kardashian Klan do best. If they had a shock-0-meter, it would hit red every time. Much like the scream meter in Pixar’s Monsters, Inc.

People obviously have NO idea that underneath her Lanvin skirts and sexy dresses lurks this great tundra of a bum. You see it in pictures and hear about it in comedy sketches, but never in the flesh. So upfront. So there. Like two bald men poking out from a pile of sequinned washing.


But wait, there’s more. She has exposed everything. Full-frontal, unapologetic Kim Kardashian nudity. Shock value at an all-time high. We never thought this day would happen. We can’t look. Oh, go on then. No, we can’t. But we must. Oh shit I looked.

‘She has millions of young fans who idolize her though. This is soft-porn. Not good!’ Words from my primary school teacher husband. And I see his point, I really do, but what I offered in response is that Rihanna has equal millions of loyal fans, and there she is, posting pictures smoking weed and using all kinds of words in her songs that her fans sing back to her, parrot fashion.

Not the same thing at all, but a fair comparison.

And there have been many shoots of male celebrities completely naked, all with their own fan base, but they just get patted on the back, by both sexes. It’s just because Kim is in a constant firing line. She is, after all, just a reality star.

I don’t see it as porn at all. She isn’t standing there inserting that champagne bottle in places she shouldn’t. Yes, she is more oiled up than a whole cast of Chippendales, but, as the photographer, Jean-Paul Goude, of the shoot has said, ‘It’s art’. In his head, maybe, in others it’s just crass, and for some people, certainly Kim, it’s a celebration of the body.

That might be cheesy, but it’s true. I’ve always, ALWAYS said that no matter what you think of Kim, she does dress very well for her body, flying the flag for any woman who has a big bum, big boobs, small waist and short height. You might not like her choice of clothes, but her body never looks hard done by.

So might these pictures give some women more confidence? Possibly. Might some men print them off and stash them under their mattresses? Definitely. And will some teenage girls look at her here and either want to be like her even more or just talk about what they’ve seen? Absolutely.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what Kim Kardashian is talented at. Reach.

I have one more point to make, if you haven’t stopped reading already, and that is: being a blogger in this mad social world we now live in, I feel very privileged to be asked to do certain things and attend certain events. THIS is our moment, as kids of a new age. We might never get to do these things again. So when you’re offered something attractive, you take it. If it ruffles feathers or gets people talking, just like the vlogging-sphere has done, then it makes the world a more interesting place.

Kim and her sisters are saying yes to things now they never dreamt they’d be offered. Vogue is one example. They know their time will be up, so they have to snatch everything whilst they can.

Not so stupid now, are they?



Yours truly, The VSG x


Diva Watch: Dame Shirley Bassey wears Kenzo tiger print!

shirley bassey kenzo jacket royal variety

I love talking about my favourite divas at the best of times, as you are probably aware by now, but when one wears something, erm, current, something I’ve actually picked up and tried on myself, it makes me very happy!

Case in point, Dame Shirley Bassey, arriving pre-Royal Variety last night to sound check in her amazing Kenzo tiger print parka, which is sadly no longer available.

But doesn’t she look amazing in it?? She somehow makes it look cool on a whole new level. Gotta love a diva who’s into her labels.

Happy Friday!

Yours truly, The VSG x


New Vlog: Unisex beauty and grooming…

Yours truly, The VSG x


The best charity jumpers I’ve ever seen…



I love a good old charity collaboration, in fact I’m working on one myself right now (all to be revealed soon), but many fall by the wayside because, quite frankly, they aren’t that captivating. I know that sounds very shallow, after all it’s about giving to that particular charity at the end of the day, but if you are buying something, you want it to be amazing.

Well, here’s one collaboration that is truly amazing. Wool And The Gang, a knitting collective with people all round the world contributing to their sustainable ethic, and Atterley Road, the online shopping site, have partnered with charity Save The Children and 30 uber cool British designers (including some students from the London College of Fashion) to create unique jumpers for a SECRET SALE as part of the charity’s Christmas Jumper Day.



When you buy one of these (they go on sale on 3rd December for that day only!), you won’t know who has designed it until you receive it! Ohhh I love a secret sale! Everyone from Jonathan Saunders to Mary Katrantzou and Lulu Guinness to Mother of Pearl have designed their very own jumpers. 

I’m mesmerized by all of them! They’re so incredible.


atterley road save the chidren christmas jumper day


Don’t forget to put December 3rd in your diaries! Click here and bookmark this page…


Yours truly, The VSG x



Today I’m Loving… head-to-toe glitz

31049013_02When glitz looks this good, it’s hard to resist, right? Thanks to Mango, you can wear glittery black from head-to-toe. I love slouchy chic and would definitely style these two pieces together, just like this campaign shot.

Think of it as a modern take on Liza Minnelli!

Buy it here

Wear it with…

Yours truly, The VSG x


Blog Off: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in matching Balmain…

I have to say, I love the Kardashian-West’s wardrobes. I’ve never kept it a secret that if I was a woman, I’d probably be bankrupt 100 times over keeping up with Kim and her couture. And actually, Kanye has quickly become a go-to male style icon for me. Everything he has worn recently I want!

Do you realise how hard it was to actually write that paragraph? Don’t judge me.

Anyway, their joint love of Balmain is well documented, and this double whammy from last night has made up even more column inches for the couple and the French fashion house. And actually, I love this matchy matchy look, it’s smart and not cheesy. Kim’s dress is from the the Resort 2015 collection, Kanye’s jacket is current menswear.

But what do some blogger mates think? Definitely not the same as me! Scroll down to find out…

kim kardashian and kanye west balmain dress jacket

* Emily from FashionFoieGras *


 Is this a Halloween costume? That’s the only time, surely, that it’s acceptable to go matchy-matchy as a couple. Meow! 

* Marcus from TheChicGeek.co.uk *

If this was in red they would look like a pair of trolley-dollies on a Virgin Atlantic flight. In black, it’s not as bad, it’s just the gold buttons make it a bit uniformy and 80s. The material has a sheen, the lapels are shiny plus the buttons and leather trousers… it just needs toning down a bit. 

* Joe from Whats-he-wearing.com *

I got so excited when I heard that Balmain will be opening a new store on South Audley Street in London. Then I saw this matchy matchy pair and I am back to square one. Kanye’s styling is too contrived. Much as I love Balmain, that blazer has been done and copied to death. I wasn’t even excited at the version from Zara, that says it all!

Who do YOU agree with?

Yours truly, The VSG x