Diva Watch: Liza Minnelli immortalised as a Christmas decoration!

liza-minnelli-christmas-decorationYes, you heard right. And you can just imagine my reaction to this one! Screamed, gasped, laughed, cried with joy… dramatic as always. But seriously, how friggin’ amazing is this?? Liza Minnelli atop your Christmas tree. Is there really anything better?

This wonderful tree decoration is part of the Broadway Legends series for the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS charity, and Liza joins Julie Andrews, Carol Channing and Angela Lansbury to name a few who have also been cast in glass.

What’s more, the little Liza is  in the style of her signature 1970s Halston look when she won her second Tony Award for The Act…


Forget any other Xmas ornaments this year, I’m decorating my whole tree with Lizas. The charity are just about to get a big cash injection!

Buy yours here…


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Today I’m loving: this INCREDIBLE ASOS maxi dress…

image1xxlThere are certain pieces that make me want to be a woman – as dramatic as that sounds (#justoutgayedmyself) – and this ASOS dress is one of them. I can’t get over it… and it’s only £45!!!!

It’s sooo gorgeous and elegant, and perfect for an autumn wedding. I’m in love. Officially.

Buy it here


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Paloma Faith covers Attitude magazine (and wins award!)…

paloma faith attitude magazine november awardsPaloma Faith should be a cover star for a lot more magazines I think. I might start a petition to get her, Dolly, Cher and Liza on the cover of Vogue (sign petition below). Now THAT would be amazing! But for now, let’s just marvel at Paloma here, on the cover of Attitude magazine‘s November issue.

She looks strikingly amazing, with her new slicked back blonde locks, barely there make-up and the dress of all dresses. This surely goes down as one of the most dramatic, exquisite gowns the songstress has ever worn? It’s by Nicolas Jebran, who has also dressed the likes of Gaga, Beyonce, Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora. I think we can see a theme… this guy likes to create extreme couture for experimental women.

The November issue celebrates Attitude’s annual awards, which took place night in London. Ms Faith won the music award, naturally. Well, her new album is amazing. Paloma’s cover is one of nine collectables featuring other award winners like Boy George (someone else who should appear on more magazine covers)…

boy george attitude magazine cover awards

Paloma wore a sparkly blue Julien MacDonald dress to accept her award…

paloma-faith-attitude-awards-julien-macdonaldSo who’s in? Sign the ‘Get Paloma Faith On More Magazine Covers’ below in the comment box!


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Queen Victoria’s knickers sell for THOUSANDS!


queen-victoria-knickers-aution-bloomersYes, it’s true. Queen Victoria’s bloomers sold over the weekend for a whopping £6,200 at auction. It’s quite an impressive sum of money for what look like hospital gown material culottes. And also, you get a lot for your money… they boast a 52″ waist, which apparently equals a size 26 in today’s conversions.

Auctioneer Michael Hogben, of Westenhanger Auction house, commented:

The items are very large – she wore them towards the end of her life when she had eaten a lot more than most people could afford to.

They are from about 1890. When Queen Victoria died she gifted a lot of her under-linen to her loyal servants.

I’m not really sure why anyone would want these (also up for grabs was silk stockings and a chemise), I can’t imagine they make very interesting dinner party talk. It does remind though of the time I found a pair of XXXL sparkly beige trousers by none other than Bob Mackie in my local charity shop. Who, in North West London, wore these I have no idea, but I literally freaked out. Obviously I’ll never wear them, they are more of a keep sake.

I do love a fashion auction though. Just last week I very narrowly missed out on a five-piece lot of vintage Gianna Versace pieces. I kicked myself for not upping the bid at the last minute. And I have bought other vintage pieces from the amazing Kerry Taylor auction house.

Anyway, I hope Queen Vic’s drawers were thoroughly cleaned before sale!


Yours truly, The VSG x

Source: Kentonline.co.uk



Cigarette clutch bag anyone?

Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 11.05.56 Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 11.00.18

I gave up smoking about seven years ago, and actually hate the smell and everything associated with it now, but when cigarette packets look THIS good, it’s hard not to fall in love. These are actual clutch bags! I know, I thought they were just fun pop-art paintings at first too, but nope. Look…

Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 11.40.56

I’m such a magpie when it comes to anything graphic, bold and colourful, and Yazbukey really captures the imagination. You can probably guess from looking at the spring/summer 2015 collection that it’s all about Paris, bringing the brand’s tongue-in-cheek humour to the chic fashion city.

Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 12.31.21

Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 11.14.27 Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 11.22.54

And, erm, we are told on the Yazbukey site that: ‘Yaz (is) an Ottoman princess whose family reigned in Egypt. An interesting fact: one of the family’s ancestors, Mehmet Ali Pasha, King of Egypt, gave the Concorde Obelisk to Napoleon…’ Just a little insight as to who is producing this amazing stuff!

We also learn that Yaz has previously worked at Margiela, Givenchy (McQueen days) and, most relevant to her own label, Jeremy Scott.

Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 11.29.49 Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 11.35.43 Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 11.37.23 Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 11.38.17

You can shop the SS15 collection for another FOUR DAYS on Moda Operandi here…

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A night at the Titanic Hotel, Liverpool…

titanic-hotel-liverpoolI love Liverpool for multiple reasons: the people are super friendly (much more than down here in London), girls ACTUALLY go out with rollers in their hair (it’s not just an urban myth), the shopping is amazing, and the glamour factor can be seen from space. There are also some brilliant hotels in the city, and the newly opened Titanic is at the top of the list.

Never before have I seen SOOO much space in a hotel, especially in the UK. It’s what you get when you convert a HUGE old rum warehouse. Everything is vast in the Titanic (feels really strange to write that!). The reception area is industrial yet inviting – wood, leather and steal beams everywhere.

You only really discover the square footage of the hotel when you venture up to the rooms. Firstly, the hallways are gigantic, a bit too dimly lit if you ask me, but still impressive (see below), with huge old steel trolly doors attached to the wall, probably all authentic. And the rooms… you must go and see for yourself. No other hotel in the world, I imagine, offers room sizes like the Titanic.

image[1]It’s such a luxury! I gasped when I walked in. Actually gasped. This is no exaggeration, but I reckon the room was as long as my entire flat (granted, my flat isn’t huge, but still). Exposed brick ceilings and big, original windows give the rooms even more wow factor.image[2]image[4]image[5]Posh Neal’s Yard products filled the bathrooms

image[6] Some of the themed artwork in the rooms


The impressive hallways


We had dinner in the hotel’s restaurant, another incredibly large space. Even though there were many tables, we were told we could only eat at 6.30 or 8.30. I think it was down to teething problems with a newly opened space (the hotel opened in July) and an under-developed staff. Having said that, the food was AMAZING. I had fish and chips, with this asparagus starter and we shared a lemon tart for dessert, which was presented in a jar. Loved it!

image[8] image[9] image[10] image[11]

A lift selfie! (naturally)


And THE staircase, modeled on the actual Titanic staircase, which apparently took three months to construct! It is quite something when you see it in person, especially set next to the industrial lift!

Thank you to Titanic Hotel for having us!

Yours truly, The VSG x


Today I’m Loving… this fabulous sequin panelled shirt

034718760003-113_1A subtle-ish way to introduce some glitz and glamour to your everyday wardrobe, this Filles A Papa shirt would make an amazing closet staple! Also, a fun twist on the check shirt.

Buy from Browns here


Wear it with


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JC de Castelbajac on the cover of Elle Mexico… how fabulous!

elle-mexico-jc-de-castelbajac-jacketIf you follow me on Instagram (your not? How rude! @theverysimong) you’d have seen me gush over some of the details from JC de Castelbajac’s brand new spring summer 2015 collection. It’s amazing. As are all of the French designer’s clothes. And now we (well, all the people in Mexico in particular) can enjoy THIS coat, from his autumn winter 2014 collection, on the cover of October’s Elle magazine.

You may not have seen, but back in June, Jean Charles actually took over French Stylist magazine for one week (see here). He was on the cover, covered in his own sketches. I’m just so happy that JC de Castelbajac is having a resurgence. Back in the early 90s, his catwalk shows were EVERYTHING. Models sashayed down them, all smiles, and made them fun. Not like today’s harsh, stark alternatives.

What I love about him is the level of fabulousness he injects into his clothes. The autumn winter 2014 collection, from which this coat is from, featured a lot of his now iconic face sketches, and seeing them realised in thick coats like this one is quite extraordinary.

No wonder Elle Mexico chose this coat, and this collection, to champion for the ‘Art Issue’.


Yours truly, The VSG x

Images: Twitter and Fashionising.com


Today I’m Loving… these HUGE clutch bags


Was just perusing Net-A-Porter, as we all like to do once in a… day, and literally gasped out loud when I saw these INCREDIBLE finds. Both are by Vlisco, a heritage textile company, and are part of their ‘Atelier’.

I just LOVE their playfulness, and I do firmly believe every woman needs a clutch bag as big as her in her wardrobe.


Buy here…


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Diva Watch: Aretha Franklin covers Adele’s Rolling In The Deep…

Don’t need to say much about this really, apart form how epic it is. And how flattered Adele must be right about now. And also how amazing Aretha sounds on this cover version. So actually quite a lot to say really!

Anyway, enjoy!


Yours truly, The VSG x