Today I’m Loving… the most FABULOUS gloves!

I screamed about Yazbukey’s newest collection of amazing bags here. The accessory queen is a women after my own heart. Her pop-art creations are pure OTT fabulous.

Like these gloves. I mean, have you ever seen anything like these?


Impractical they might be, but imagine getting on the bus with them on (not that I would ever think a lady who buys and wears Yazbukey would end up on a bus), or meeting your girlfriends for lunch wearing them? The attention you’d get!


Buy them here.

Yours truly, The VSG x


One Direction jeans and Kim and Kanye sweaters NOW AVAILABLE!

When Ashish, the sequin God, showed his spring summer 2015 collection last year, there was practically the same amount of social noise about his One Direction jeans, Miley Cyrus and Kim and Kanye sweaters as there has been about Justin Bieber’s photoshopped package.

OK, maybe marginally less. But you get the idea. And the good news now is that they are ALL available to buy! WHOOOO!

This was posted on Browns Fashion’s Instagram account last week…


I’m not a fan of 1D, but can appreciate how amazing these jeans are (there are other sequinned slogan jeans in the collection too however, see below). And I’d wear that sweater every day for the rest of my life, not because I’m a massive fan of Kims, just love the tongue-in-cheekness of it (I’d need to also, for cost per wear purposes!)

Anyway, you can own these amazing pieces right now, available at Browns Fashion…


Yours truly, The VSG x


SAG Awards 2015 red carpet: the unsung heroes…

I know this is quite late in the game, there has been loads of ‘best dressed’ lists circulating today from the SAG Awards. Hell, I put something on Instagram, calling out Camilla Alves in Donna Karan (OMG) and Lupita Nyong’O in Elie Saab (oh my Christ).

But there are some stars that didn’t make any of the lists. Loads that spent ages in fittings, pulled on the Spanx and looked better than most, but received none of the recognition.

Well, I’m here now to champion those people, those unsung heroes. Starting with one of my favourite women of all time, JOAN COLLINS!

*Joan Collins – there really is no need to justify why Joan qualifies as best dressed, it’s all here. THAT’S ALL!*

 *Kimiko Glenn – forget all the other Orange Is The New Black women. THIS is the only dress to be looking at! It’s by Gemy Maalouf, and looks friggin’ gorrrgeous on her!*


*Laura Carmichael – YES Laura, YESSSS. This Vionnet gown looks amaaazing on you! She actually always looks gorgeous, but this is definitely her best yet!*


*Chelsea Fairless – OITNB’s Lea DeLaria’s girlfriend looking striking and beautiful in vintage Issey Miyake. LOVE the colour, love the cut, love everything!*


That’s it. The unsung heroes of the SAG Awards red carpet!

Yours truly, The VSG x


Donatella, Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson… it could only be Versace couture!

You can only imagine my gay joy when I saw this picture posted on the Versace Instagram account.

The caption reads: ‘Simply fabulous: Goldie Hawn and @katehudson arriving at the #AtelierVersace SS15 fashion show in Paris.’ 

Oh, and Kate Hudson is only wearing a dress from the collection they were just about to sit through. An INSANE dress!

Simply fabulous indeed. Maybe the spring summer 15 Atelier collection should have had that as a title. It was, if you ask me, exactly what we all want from Versace, Donatella, the House, whoever it is designing.

Simply fabulous indeed. Maybe the spring summer 15 Atelier collection should have had that as a title. It was, if you ask me, exactly what we all want from Versace, Donatella, the House, whoever it is designing.

Sexy, body-hugging, ambiguous, embellished, sculpting, too much, not enough, phenomenal.

It was… simply fabulous.


KIM_0847 KIM_0913 KIM_1087 KIM_1139 KIM_1261 KIM_1415 KIM_1482 KIM_1566 KIM_1686 KIM_1827

Yours truly, The VSG x


All go visit Ralph & Russo at Harrods, like, NOW!

For someone so obsessed with Ralph and Russo, the couture duo, I’m kicking myself that it has taken me this long to go and have a look at their new-ish home in the Superbrands section at Harrods.

I know I’m always so gushy and OTT about, well, everything, but OH MY ACTUAL GOD. This blew my mind!

RalphandRussoHarrods-4-Vogue-12Jan14-pr_bSo, in an interview published on, Michael Russo said:

Our clients are modern women with demanding careers and schedules that don’t always allow for endless fittings. With completion usually taking several weeks, sometimes months, we had until now been unable to cater to an increasing number of clients wanting pieces available within a shorter time frame. The opening of our showroom at Harrods will satisfy such clients’ needs.

This completely makes sense. I imagine if you were an uber rich, fashion-obsessed, busy woman (lunching and charity event-ing, obvs!), you wouldn’t want to spend loads of times on fittings. Although for me, that would be a really interesting part of the whole process.


I think this is an amazing way forward for couture houses. Yes, some may still think that couture isn’t for the masses, that it should still be considered ‘other worldly’. And part of me agrees. The work that goes into some of these dresses is beyond anything else in the fashion business (I was told one of these dresses took 20 people to stitch over 6000 crystals onto it). But opening up a made-to-measure business like this, to show off the skill and craftsmanship without having to do a special handshake or knock at a door to get into such a couture House is, if you ask me, utter genius.

This is how to get reach out to a whole new customer. I took Mummy G to Harrods to see the boutique, and she instantly fell in love, saying that if it was open earlier last year, she would have considered a dress for my wedding. IMAGINE!


All the dresses you see in these pictures are available to buy from the boutique too, which means you get a slice of couture without the time-consuming fittings. And you’ll find the new, exclusive to Harrods shoe line, which I spoke about here, available to buy too.


harrods2 harrods4 harrods5 harrods8 harrpds3

Go and see this AMAZING boutique at Harrods!

Yours truly, The VSG x


Diva Watch: Happy Birthday Dolly Parton! Some of her best fashion moments…

The Queen of Country, and my favourite of all the divas, turns 69-years-old – yes SIXTY NINE YEARS OLD – today!

What a bloody amazing woman Dolly Parton is. Here are a few of my favourite fashion moments from her…


The higher the hair, the closer to… Cher! Those sleeves are EVERYTHING! HorensteinDollyParton

Double Denim Dolly – 80s FABULOUSNESS!


Off the shoulder boulder holder! The nails, OMG the nails!


That’s a WHOLE lotta hair! And that waist, can we talk about that waist?


Afro time. And showing off the puppies too!

The rhinestone Cowgirl – GlastonBERRY!!!


Yours truly, The VSG x


Today I’m Loving… Vivienne Westwood’s moons and stars!

No, I’m not loving this, I’M OBSESSED WITH IT!!!


 I actually have a similar menswear shirt, also by Vivienne Westwood, but this is just ridiculously amazing.

For a sunny spring day, worn as a dress like this, it’s perfect. And for now, the in between season bit, you could definitely wear it over jeans or leggings.

And I totally consider this unisex too. I think I might…. have to… purchase it.

Ooops. Too late!

Wear it with…

Yours truly, The VSG x


Thou Shalt Pose… in Primark

London Collections: Men (LC:M) finishes today. For the past four days we’ve been shown some amazing autumn winter 2015 collections, and all through the capital uber well dressed men have been running to and from shows, latte’s and iPhone’s in hand.

And although I am NEVER one to be modest and narcissistic, I really loved my day two look, most of which was from, you guessed it, Primark!


Although this post is written in collaboration with the big P, I would have blogged about this look anyway. This T-shirt is actually one of my favourites in my wardrobe right now. When I was invited to pop into the huge, and sometimes scary, Tottenham Court Road store to pick a couple of bits to wear during LC:M, I picked this Tee up thinking someone had left it by mistake.


It’s £7. SEVEN. POUNDS. Anything long line, and this is SUPER long, I love, and this actually has zips going up the side. I love the print too.


And the mac is Primark too. It’s from the collaboration with Farrell – the heritage-inspired brand, and even though it’s quite ‘un me’, when I tried it on, I loved it. It fits perfectly, looks great with anything, and has a check-print collar that again, is very un me, but I ended up loving it when I put the coat on!

And it’s £35, which means that it’s easily at the top end quality for Primark, yet still very affordable.


Here’s David Watts, a fellow fashion friend, and I wearing the same mac! David ‘s suit is also from the Farrell collection. (FYI, my camo print trousers are from Bershka and the high tops are Vivienne Westwood)

LCM AW15 Primark by Holly McGlynn_59[4]

Yours truly, The VSG x


Measure up with Moschino…

So Jeremy Scott’s Barbie collection kind of passed me by, went over my head, but his pre-fall 2015 collection, which was presented only this week, has me HOOKED! The measuring tape pieces are pure genius…


We’re used to Moschino’s gimmicks and novelties, we’ve come to love them really, and Jeremy has been extremely good at putting his own spin on some of the house’s archive fun elements.

I hate the kitten heels (just a personal preference: women should NEVER wear a kitten heel if you ask me), but the belt and the bag below are just incredible, the high heels can stay, and that big tape measure back-ruffle is pure amazingness!


Yours truly, The VSG x


Today I’m Loving… River Island’s trouser suit!

river island trouser suit


Happy new year everyone! What better way to start a new work year than with a smart, fabulous, 80s-esque monochrome trouser suit? This River Island one is AMAZING and makes me want to be a fierce working woman.

OK, just out-gayed myself once again.

But this totally would be a great work wardrobe addition, and a fun going out look to play around with too.

Buy the jacket here and trousers here

Yours truly, The VSG x